Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2265 17.3.1942

Serious admonition to put spiritual work before everything else ....

Lend Me your ear, you who are faithfully devoted to Me, and hear: My mission can only be fulfilled by putting earthly obligations on the back burner. Demands will be placed on you which threaten to deprive you of your work for Me, and you will not know what you should do. However, you will never need to do without My care and concern, and what seems to be lost to you earthly I will replace a thousand fold as soon as you serve Me with all your strength.

It will only be a short time that you can be active for Me, and you should use this time and only ever remember My admonition, for the salvation of countless people depends on your activity on earth. What you devote earthly is worthless for eternity, and therefore let Me alone be your Lord Whose work shall be your only endeavour. You will certainly face great tribulations but with My help you will overcome them, and you may also be unconcerned, I will protect you from adversity and distress if only you faithfully expect My help. Let everything come to you and look to the future without fear ....



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