Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2270 20.3.1942

Ruling power according to the people ....

The weak must submit to the will of the strong and bow to its power. But this is not right before God, for He has not ordained any of the people to judge and rule over their fellow human beings except for the power He has set over the people as the ruling one, who are no longer able to take the divine laws as their guide. Such a people needs a leader who dictates to it what it has to do and what it has to refrain from doing, and the ruling power will act all the more severely against the people the less they adhere to the laws which exist from eternity and whose lawgiver is God Himself.

However, this ruling power is also commanded by God to exercise its office in love. And if it adheres to this, its government will be just and guide the people in such a way that they will return to discipline and order of their own accord and no longer need a strict government, thus they will also be released from it. But if the people have become completely unloving, they will also have a completely unloving overlordship, which will again often harass the people to the point of unbearability and yet God will allow this so that such a people will still come to know.

It is not in accordance with divine will that a power allows itself encroachments which violate every commandment of love. And everything that violates divine will will also have a corresponding effect. People must know what is right before God, and therefore they must abhor every action which clearly visibly shows the activity of a God-opposing power. They must not agree with or approve of the conduct of those themselves but they must take care that, if possible, the unkindness is reduced, they must take care that the God-opposing power is not given the opportunity to unfold its strength and power.

Thus people must educate themselves in love, then the strict overlordship will not last long either, for God will take it away again when people shape themselves to such an extent that they no longer need a strict government. Conversely, however, the pressure by an earthly power will become increasingly stronger the less people practise love, and a people which has become entirely unloving can hardly expect relief. It will have to submit to the ruling power to its sorrow, for unkindness triggers unkindness again, and such a people will hardly attain discipline and order. ....



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