Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2271 21.3.1942

Refusing the Word of God is turning to the adversary of God. ....

The antithesis of God is striven for as soon as the human being closes himself to the divine Word, for then he resists the influx of strength from God, and that in itself is a turning towards God's adversary. Anyone who rejects the Word of God also rejects God Himself, for God is the Word .... And if he uses God in his mouth, this is merely a figure of speech which he uses without recognising God. But if God Himself approaches him he opposes His will and cannot be compulsorily brought to God.

And yet, he believes to use his will correctly and to be faithful to God when he has grown up in a wrong idea, and he only remains faithful to this wrong idea ..... He holds on to his old views with tenacity and cannot be convinced that he holds an erroneous teaching, because this conviction cannot be forcibly taught to him but has to be gained by him of his own accord. His heart has to be active, he has to feel the urge within himself to fathom the truth and enter into intimate contact with God Himself, then he will recognise if and when he walks in truth. The Word of God will enlighten him about everything, but clarity can never come to him if he rejects the Word of God.

God's adversary, however, strengthens his will to reject, he will mentally attack him and he will also be successful, for people's will is far more inclined to accept his error-infused teachings than divine truth. And thus the human being is in union with God's opposite pole, and his thinking and actions correspond to it. He does not become active himself but remains in what he was previously offered, and this is his error, that he has acquired something without seriously examining it and now shrinks back from a serious examination because he wants nothing other than what he possesses ..... He is afraid of recognising the flimsiness of what he possesses and therefore represents it all the more eagerly.

But time and again God tries to guide even these people onto the path of truth, and time and again He comes close to them as soon as they raise their thoughts to Him. For they can only arrive at the truth through serious reflection, and time and again He will induce people to think in order to snatch them from the adversary's power and to be able to offer them His Word and with this Word also the strength ....



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