Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2275 25.3.1942

The Doctrine of Christ and the Faith on the New Earth ....

Worlds will pass away and come into being again, and always on earth, where the spiritual has to pass its last test of will, the teaching of Christ will be preached, and again and again a limit will be set for this spiritual, i.e. a certain period of time will have been granted for the redemption of the spiritual by God since eternity (set), in which the teaching of Christ can be spread across this earth. Christ's teaching is the divine teaching of love which could always and in all places be taught to people and which was also received everywhere according to people's willingness to do good.

If the human being is active in love then he must also become knowledgeable, for knowledge need not then be imparted to him by people but he will be introduced to truth by the spirit within himself; i.e...., i.e. his thinking will then be turned towards God, and the idea of redemption is no longer unacceptable to him either, thus with the acceptance of the divine teaching of love he also comes close to the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, for active love has redeemed him from the unfree state, through active love he has become a follower of Jesus, even though he still lacks the knowledge of Christ's human manifestation. Jesus Christ must be recognised as God's Son ....

Anyone who lives in love knows that he shapes himself into God's child through love, and thus he also knows that Jesus, the man, became perfect on this earth through His life of love, that He thereby completely merged into God, that He was a candidate for childship to God, Who had fulfilled all conditions on earth and was therefore perfect, just as His Father in heaven is perfect .... If the human being lives in love, even without knowledge of Christ's act of Salvation, he will likewise feel himself to be a child of God, and then he will have taken the same path as Jesus, he will have lived as a follower of Jesus and found the connection with God ....

And if the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation is brought to such a person, he will inwardly fully profess it, for he cannot but acknowledge the One Who became love while He still walked on earth. Spreading Christianity in the world therefore means spreading the divine teaching of love, which Jesus Christ preached, in the world. .... This teaching of love, however, was indeed spread but not followed, and even if endless times would still pass .... unkindness has taken over so much that all activity of love would be stifled if God had not set limits in anticipation of people's disenchanted and distant state from God.

This period of time was of particular importance because the Lord embodied Himself on earth in order to teach people love. And even His personal presence on this earth did not result in any other success than the present .... humanity's lack of love. Hence this era will come to an end which, however, does not exclude that the Gospel will be preached again on the new earth .... that the divine teaching of love will be proclaimed again and people will be taught the faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world ..... For those who live in God will be raptured from this earth and returned to the new earth. And in these people the faith in Jesus Christ is so strong that it is truly sufficient to transplant this faith into the new human race as the original doctrine of Christianity .....

The first people of this new earth will have the unadulterated Word of God, and thus the teaching of Christ will be pure and unadulterated and will also be followed, because love indwells all those whom God raptures and delivers to the new earth again, thus they are Christians in truth .... People who stand in right Christianity and live according to the divine doctrine of love. And now Christ's teaching will be spread throughout the whole world, for wherever people live on the new earth they will have profound faith and love, for God only chooses such people to enliven this earth.

The old earth, however, no longer contains many people who believe and are full of love. And their number will not increase any more, on the contrary, there is a great danger that it will even decrease if God does not intervene to prevent this apostasy of His Own. And even if God would like to delay the end of this earth, humanity would never improve and turn to love, and God's long-suffering would be in vain. And because God knows about humanity's profound spiritual state, He will end an era and it will come to pass as it is written .... Not one stone will be left upon another .... For God's Word is truth and His will governs the world ....



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