Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2280 28.u.29.3.1942

Shaping the Soul to Receive Light and Power ....
Redemptive Activity ....

Only few people are able to put themselves into the state which is necessary to be recipients of light and strength from God. For these must kill off the will to the world but let the will to God become ever stronger, and the latter is only possible if the human being is profoundly devout, i.e., he must turn to God as a result of faith, for neither the advantage of a connection with God nor the disadvantage of life without God can be proven to him .....

He must, so to speak, strive towards a goal which can only be founded in faith. And only few people will pursue such a goal because they cannot be given any guarantee for the correctness or truthfulness of what he believes. And yet precisely this faith is tremendously success-bearing .... Faith in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence is of inestimable value, for through such faith the human being shapes himself into what he needs to be in order to be able to receive light and strength from God. The Deity, Whom he acknowledges, accepts him .... It approaches him and overshadows him with Its grace .... It draws him towards Itself and turns a weak, powerless being into a being full of strength and power ....

By acknowledging the eternal Deity, by believing in a Power that is exceedingly strong, wise and kind, the human being becomes a co-recipient of what this Power emanates, and to a certain extent he detaches himself from the humanity to which he belongs on earth .... He can still be in body life outside of where his body dwells .... He can connect with a world which is outside of earth, he can connect with the beings outside of earth, and he can even connect with God Himself through his profound belief that there is a world outside of earth and that there are no barriers between himself and the spiritual world, its inhabitants and the supreme Being ....

For if the human being believes in God's love he also knows that this love inclines towards him full of mercy .... he knows that this love created him for the sake of a purpose, and now he seeks to fathom the purpose in order to be able to fulfil his task. And thus his will becomes active, and the deeper his faith becomes the stronger his will also becomes ..... But God deepens this faith and will through the influx of His strength, for a person striving towards Him receives it in abundance, and thus the person who detaches himself from the earthly world for the sake of his faith .... receives and is abundantly compensated for what he gives up on earth ....

(29.3.1942) But the human being's endeavour is mostly to increase earthly wealth and thus he is unfit to receive light and strength from God. For he does not fulfil any conditions, and thus his soul is not shaped as it must be to receive the emanation from God. And as a result the higher development of the human race is also called into question, since this is inconceivable without the transmission of strength from God. Humanity constantly remains on the same level, if it does not even develop backwards. It does not make use of the grace of embodiment on earth and thus remains in the state distant from God which it had at the beginning of the soul's embodiment.

The entire process of higher development has come to a standstill due to people's will, because faith in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence is weak or completely lacking. And therefore people urgently need help in the form of instructions by a fellow human being in whom this faith is still strong and who can thereby transfer the strength from God to those he receives himself by virtue of his faith. Such a mediator has to fulfil an extremely important task which he can only carry out if God Himself assists him and increases his strength so that he can awaken or deepen his fellow human beings' faith through extraordinary activity.

And thus he must constantly be willing to be active as a mediator between God and people, and this requires his whole will and servantly devotion. Yet it is the most beautiful task the human being can accomplish during his earthly existence .... to bring light to humanity, which lives in deepest spiritual darkness, and to snatch it from this darkness. And the few will always be allowed to enjoy God's grace, God will support them and increase their strength, He will strengthen their faith, He will take hold of the soul which offers itself to Him with His love and safely guide it upwards, for it fulfils its right purpose of existence .... it is already redeemingly active on earth and thereby a candidate for the kingdom of God, which is not of this world ....



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