Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2281 29.3.1942

Work of the light beings on willing earthly people ....

The beings descend to earth from the kingdom of light and stay close to people who open their hearts to God's emanation of love. As soon as the human being unites with God in thought or intimate prayer his heart is opened for these emanations, and now the beings of light can work and impart the emanation from God to the earthly human being who is willing to receive it. They are inspired by God's will, they think and want nothing else than God wants, and thus they will also now provide the human being with light and strength according to God's will.

The light beings' activity with earthly people consists of constantly influencing their thoughts and trying to direct them towards spiritual things, that is, they spiritualise their thoughts, i.e. they distract them from earthly things. As soon as the beings of light succeed in doing so a soul is won for eternity, for a person who once occupies himself with spiritual thoughts finds no pleasure in earthly experiences, and thus he has also overcome the desire for matter, and his soul approaches the state of maturity, for it unites with the spirit within itself which is constantly in contact with the beings of light as givers of strength and light.

The soul participates in the gifts offered to the spirit by the beings of light .... It receives light and becomes knowledgeable. This is a great success which the beings of light achieve when they have spiritualised a person in such a way that his thoughts are constantly occupied with spiritual questions, that they strive towards God and attach little value to earthly events. For such a spiritualised person will likewise try to influence his fellow human beings and thus facilitate the light beings' activity on earth by drawing their fellow human beings' attention to the value of spiritual striving, thereby turning their thoughts towards spiritual things and thus working in cooperation with the beings of light. ....



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