Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2285 1.4.1942

Away from God - Cause of non-recognition ....

People's spiritual state prevents them from recognising the truth as such and it is therefore arduous work to make this truth accessible to them ..... It is difficult to preach the Gospel to them, i.e., to make the divine teaching of love accessible to them, for they will always set the world and its demands against it and consider these more important, and under such conditions they lack all understanding for spiritual striving. The only important thing is regarded as foolishness or imagination, and this in itself is proof of how far people are from the eternal Deity, how deficient their state of soul is.

It is also proof of how alien the Word of God is to people. They only recognise it as the work of men, their faith is almost no longer to be called faith, they only repeat words without realising the meaning of these words. And therefore these words cannot gain life and thus cannot become effective either. If salvation is to be brought to these people, they must first be forced to renounce themselves. They must be given the opportunity to take a stand on doctrines of faith, so that they openly express what they reject or what they take offence at. As soon as a person errs, his opinion must be set right, for he can only be convinced by speech and rebuttal.

It is even easier to change an opponent's mind than to present the Gospel to a person against his will, for the willingness to listen to it must absolutely be present. However, to convert purely worldly people is mostly unsuccessful. Every spiritual hint will be unwillingly dismissed, and thus worldliness will nevertheless retain supremacy and only few people will strive for the kingdom of God. For people's state of remoteness from God makes them incapable of clearly judging what is brought to them.

But as soon as they practise love they reduce their distance from God and now many things are understandable to them which they could not grasp before. And therefore people first have to be taught love, they have to be urged to observe this first and most important commandment, and only then will they understand the Word of God, for if they live in love God will come close to them in the Word, and this is His strength that the human being's spirit will be enlightened, that he will now mentally penetrate the meaning of the Word and affirm the divine teaching of love. He is now rescued from his soul's adversity, he has reduced his distance from God through his activity of love and must therefore also come to realise ....



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