Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2288 3.4.1942

The Essence of the Eternal Deity ....

The essence of the eternal Deity cannot be grasped by the human intellect but is more comprehensible to a loving heart, for in order to fathom God the human being has to be filled with love, since love is the fundamental substance of the eternal Deity and like can only be understood by like. If the human being shapes himself into love then nothing will be strange or inexplicable to him anymore, and thus he will also be able to penetrate the essence of the eternal Deity, for it is his spirit which introduces him to knowledge, and his spirit can give him complete enlightenment because he is part of the eternal Deity himself .....

God is light and power in Himself, that is, omniscient and omnipotent .... He is omnipresent .... He is love in its highest potency .... He is a Being Who unites all virtues in Himself, Who is therefore supremely perfect .... He is unlimited, i.e. bound neither to time nor space, nowhere is His beginning and His end .... What He wills happens .... He knows about every creature in the world, and His spirit controls the whole universe, and thus the spirit of God expresses itself always and everywhere .... Love, wisdom and strength .... this is the beginning. Love gave life to everything that is. Wisdom gave every work of creation its task, and the power of God ensures the existence of that which love brought into being.

Without strength, love and the wisdom of God would be an empty concept, for nothing could be accomplished because strength is required for it. Power, however, would not allow anything perfect to come into being if wisdom were not the determining factor in creation, which gave every thing purpose and goal, otherwise again nothing perfect would be conceivable. God, however, is supremely perfect, and therefore everything that has emerged from Him will also be perfect and exhibit a certain spiritual order.

God's essence is something exceedingly perfect and yet inexplicable to man, for earthly laws completely switch off and man is not receptive to the knowledge of supernatural laws. Therefore he will only be able to explain and affirm the essence of God when he has left his earthly body shell and has found entrance into the kingdom of spirits himself. Then all earthly thoughts will fall away and the soul will be more able to fathom the essence of the eternal Deity. ....



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