Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2293 9.4.1942

The urge for truth and justice ....

The urge towards truth and justice is always decisive for the soul's higher development, for these are already of a mind turned towards God and thus they must also be seized by God's love. And since they strive towards God they will also not resist but make use of the divine blessings which are offered to them through God's love. The desire for truth and righteous thinking also makes it easier for people to recognise what is right, and thus they will also tackle the work of transformation and always make an effort to live according to God's will. And every attempt is already equal to the accomplished deed because it testifies to the will towards God and God strengthens his willpower as soon as his will strives towards Him.

And as soon as he thinks righteously he will also observe everything towards his fellow human beings which God demands of him through His commandment of love. And thus he must develop himself upwards, he lives his life consciously and thus fulfils the right purpose of earthly life, for he will be of service since he recognises God and his love for God will always increase. He will try to harmonise every action with his love for God and his neighbour, and this is a conscious work on his soul which must earn him the degree of maturity ....



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