Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2294 9.4.1942

Announcement of the Final Judgement ....
Paradisia State ....

The time of earthly life full of grace is approaching its end and therefore the struggle of the two powers against each other is becoming increasingly stronger, after all, each one is still trying to win over many souls for itself. And this time can also be recognised by external signs so that people pay attention and know that the time is near which was proclaimed in Word and Scripture. And who pays attention to the signs will also not be surprised but prepare himself for the last judgement, for the end and the decision. For God announces the time before, and this is a renewed grace for humanity. His love and mercy is meant for His living creations until the last hour, and He accepts every sinner who still finds his way to Him and appeals to Him for mercy; He is constantly willing to hand out favours which only people need to avail themselves of in order to escape the final downfall.

Yet only few people will call upon Him for mercy because God is no longer recognised and humanity completely lacks faith in Him. And therefore the final Judgment is inevitable .... it has to come and destroy everything that still lives on earth in order to make a new shaping of earth possible, so that the work of redemption of the still immature spiritual beings can be started again in accordance with divine will. For the spiritual essence, which had not yet reached the final stage as a human being, is hindered in its higher development, and therefore it must be offered new possibilities in which this spiritual essence can mature further.

The period of time which now begins is like paradise again, for people live in peace and through their love for each other create a harmonious and suffering-free earthly existence on which God's blessing visibly rests because people fulfil His will and their hearts beat towards Him. The time of struggle is over and a time of service has begun, in contrast to the time before, which only brought struggle because humanity no longer wanted to decide to serve. And the new human race will glow with love for God, and this will cause God to dwell amongst them, for He is where love is ....

The degenerate being, which has abused its will again, will also be banished again, its free will will be taken away from it again, and people can no longer be oppressed by the adversary, who used these weak beings in bondage to him in order to have an unfavourable effect on believing people. This power is now taken from him and people can now more easily develop upwards and attain a degree of maturity on earth which was not possible before. The struggle of the world of light has now come to an end for a short time, for these beings of light no longer encounter resistance but people voluntarily surrender to their influence and now live in accordance with divine will .... in love and spiritual unity ....



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