Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2298 11.4.1942

Idleness ....
Regulated activity ....

Regulated activity is a blessing in that it protects man from the vices of idleness. This is by no means meaningless, for idleness is the greatest danger to the higher development of the soul. It is, as it were, a return to the state of inactivity which the being had to endure in the bound will in the initial stage of its development .... thus an abuse of free will, which permits active activity. Activity is life, inactivity death .... Thus the beingness, the soul, prefers the state of death and at the same time puts itself in danger of falling prey to the most diverse vices. For as soon as the human being is inactive, the desires of the body push themselves forward, it wants to gain from life whatever earthly pleasures and joys are possible. And this is of greatest harm to the soul.

The state of activity, on the other hand, is only a danger to the soul if the human being is so materialistically minded that he wants to increase his earthly goods through his activity. Nevertheless, being active is a serving .... And thus the human being unconsciously fulfils the task assigned to him for the time on earth. For although he carries out this service activity without love, matter is nevertheless changed again, i.e. the spiritual substance in it is helped into service through the constant transformation which every activity entails .... be it directly or indirectly through teaching activity.

And that is why idleness should be fought with the utmost zeal and people should be encouraged to be industriously active, because every activity is a blessing as long as it is not carried out to the detriment of other people. For this is true love for the human being, to protect him from spiritual decline. The hardship of earthly life cannot even begin to compare with the disadvantage which arises for the soul from an earthly life in which, out of apparent consideration, the human being is kept away from the demands which exist in regulated activity. The human being can only mature through the latter, because he can never be spared serving. Whoever wants to serve, however, must be active .... Idleness, however, rules out service; rather, the human being claims serving activity for himself, which is only ever a blessing for the person serving ....



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