Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Living faith ....

It is the living faith that people lack, but which is the most important thing, because without living faith man does not establish the connection with God. In order to strive for God and to desire union with Him, He must first be affirmed in the heart. He must be felt as being, that is, man must believe in Him, that He is and is in the closest connection with His creatures. Only this living faith results in the conscious striving for Him. And thus faith is absolutely necessary and can never be replaced, for without faith the prayer to God for strength and grace is futile.

He who does not recognise God does not call upon Him. But God's call for strength cannot be avoided because the human being alone has too little strength for higher development, but this is the goal of earthly life. Living faith means being able to stand up for something with full conviction, which cannot be proven, and then to live according to this conviction, i.e. to put it into practice. However, people usually only have a dead faith, that is, they only affirm with their mouths and acknowledge everything they are asked to believe; but as soon as they are supposed to live according to faith they cannot muster the strength to do so because they are unable to pray, that is, to request help.

And if they now seriously think about it then it will become clear to them that their inner being, their heart, is not at all in favour of it, that they therefore have no living faith at all. But without this faith the human being fails in life, for now he lacks all foundation, he cannot understand the meaning and purpose of creation either, for everything connected with God cannot be proven but must be believed, i.e. affirmed with the heart, and this living faith is lacking in humanity. .... It certainly speaks of the Deity and supposedly professes it, but it actually only affirms the existence of a Creator, since creation requires such a Creator.

But it does not recognise the connection of all things and therefore also not the relationship of man to the Creator. However, the right relationship between the human being and the Creator can only be established when the human being is convinced of a Being Who is inclined towards him in love. For now he seeks to win this love for himself through prayer and devotion to his Creator. Prayer, however, presupposes faith in a Power Which can do anything It wants and wants everything that is good .... Thus the Being must be omnipotent and loving .... Only faith in such a perfect Being can be called living faith, for only this faith stimulates activity .... The human being likewise strives for perfection because he desires to come closer to the eternal Deity, Which he now recognises, but this requires activity of will.

But where living faith is lacking the will also remains inactive or it sets itself a wrong goal .... it strives towards the world, and the human being does not establish a connection with the Being Which created him. The lack of faith is therefore the reason for the most diverse schools of thought which aim to teach the human being's independence from the power which created him and which can therefore be called the death of a living faith. For the purpose and goal of earthly life is the conscious striving towards the eternal Deity, the desire for unification, but this presupposes a living faith .... a faith which is a matter of the heart but can never be gained intellectually.

God can only be felt, and as soon as the heart affirms Him, faith is also alive, for then the human being also establishes the right relationship with God in accordance with this feeling, and a conscious striving for perfection is the result of this right attitude towards God. However, anyone who tries to fathom God intellectually is outside of faith, even though he tries to present himself as a believer through words. Living faith stimulates activity in the transformation of the soul, whereas formal faith lacks such activity and for this very reason cannot be called living, for everything that lives must be active or stimulate perpetual activity. ....



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