Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2303 15.4.1942

Spiritual direction without truth neither light nor power ....

Spiritual success is minimal if people have formed a wrong view and are not willing to surrender it. For then no striving out of innermost impulse can be recorded and a maturing of the souls is impossible. A school of thought which does not completely correspond to the truth can never result in higher development, thus in progress, and the human being will always remain on the same level. He has made an opinion his own and is now satisfied with what has been presented to him intellectually.

And he would now have the duty to examine also intellectually, which he usually does not do. For an examination and a rational thinking through would let him recognise the flimsiness of some teachings. But he usually accepts what is offered to him as truth and holds on to it with a tenacity that he would reject with serious research. And yet he has no guarantee whatsoever for pure truth. But what is not truth cannot earn him spiritual success either, for only pure truth imparts strength at the same time, without which the human being cannot ascend. And that is why the human being who is not in full possession of truth always remains on the same level.

A school of thought which does not completely correspond to the truth radiates neither light nor strength, i.e. the human being is ignorant although he believes himself to be knowledgeable and also powerless in spiritual terms ..... He lacks the strength for both cognition and spiritual activity, and if the human being tries to shape himself according to his spiritual direction he only ever pursues an earthly purpose, i.e. he only educates himself for this world, for earthly life, but does not consider life after death, and therefore spiritual progress cannot be recorded. And from this point of view a spiritual direction has no value as long as it does not correspond to truth, because it has no effect on the human being's soul.

Only the intellect is kept active and only thought activity is stimulated, but the heart remains untouched, and thus it is dead knowledge which the human being now calls his own if it does not correspond to truth. And thus earthly life will bring him little success if he is not exceptionally active in love. For loving activity alone leads him to the right knowledge .... And as soon as a person is lovingly active he will also soon recognise a wrong spiritual direction as wrong and thereby come closer to the pure truth, because love is the first prerequisite to attain realisation and thus brings spiritual maturity to the soul. Truth can be advocated to a loving person because it also appears acceptable to him and the person does not resist because he also recognises it as truth. For where love is, there will also be recognition ....



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