Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2305 17.4.1942

Words or Way of Life ....
Judgement ....

The inner value of every human being comes from his way of life and not from his words. It is often difficult to decide whether a person has established contact with God or is still completely distant from God, for his words do not always correspond to his innermost feelings; however, it is decisive how a person relates to his fellow human beings and his development progresses accordingly. There are often expressions which reveal a will turned towards God and which nevertheless do not provide information about the relationship with God, and yet these expressions can lack the right depth of heart. Conversely, however, a person can glow with the deepest love for God without ever speaking a word about it or allowing his fellow human beings to gain an insight into his heart's feelings.

And that is why man should beware of passing judgement, for it can very often be a wrong judgement. But God sees into the heart, He knows about its degree of love, He knows about its desire .... But He also knows when the words do not correspond to the feelings and what value is therefore to be attached to such words. And it is a certain spiritual inferiority when beautiful words are supposed to replace the lack of feeling ..... It is understandable that people with hardened hearts also try to cover up their deficiency and want to feign love where it is not present. But at the same time these people lack the desire for truth, for if they desired to receive truth they would also be strict with themselves, i.e. only act and speak in a way which corresponds to their innermost feelings.

And this lack of desire for truth is also the obstacle to recognition when the human being is offered the truth. But a person's way of life reveals his innermost feelings and thoughts. A life lived in serving love will also be recognisable without words as being good and in accordance with God's will, and a person who seriously wants to examine it will rarely err. For he will see the right relationship with God established and know that the Father in heaven is pleased with the one who intimately unites with Him ....



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