Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2314 26.4.1942

Arousing the Spirit Spark ....

Without the spirit of God even the deepest wisdom remains hidden. You must first have awakened the spiritual spark within you before the knowledge of God and His rule and activity can be made accessible to you. The awakening of the spiritual spark in you is your task in life, for with the awakening of the spirit in you begins your higher development as a human being. The soul begins to unite with the spirit, which is the purpose and goal of life on earth. But a uniting of the soul with the spirit must also bring knowledge to the soul, which is previously ignorant, since the spirit in it knows everything because it is a part of God.

The penetration of divine knowledge, however, gives the soul a certain freedom, for darkness of spirit is a bondage .... the soul is narrowly limited in its knowledge, whereas the transmission of wisdom from God is a state of light and strength for it, thus a state of freedom. This becomes understandable when the soul's actual task is taken into consideration. The soul should overcome matter, thus it should disregard the body's desire for worldly things which are matter .... it should strive for unification with the spirit within itself. Therefore the latter must appear desirable to it, and the spirit must offer it something which it can oppose the body's desire .... And this is wisdom from God ....

Now the soul also feels that it still lacks this, that it is therefore in a state of ignorance, in a state of imperfection, of limitedness and of bondage. And it feels that it can change this state through its will, that it can transform it into a state of knowledge and thus also of freedom and perfection, as soon as it seeks contact with the divine spiritual spark within it, which, as part of God, is something perfect ..... She feels that this connection redeems her from her bondage, because it becomes light and bright in her, because she is led from the state of ignorance into the state of knowledge.

Knowledge is freedom, knowledge is light and knowledge is strength .... and the spirit in the human being imparts all this to the soul as soon as the human being awakens this spiritual spark within himself. The awakening of the spirit, however, is an act of free will, and therefore it also depends on the human being himself whether the divine secrets remain a secret to him or whether he is introduced to profound knowledge by the slumbering spark of God within him, the spirit from God ..... And he has to express his willingness through loving activity, then the spirit in him will awaken to life .... and he will introduce the human being's soul to a realm which is otherwise inaccessible to people ..... He imparts divine knowledge to him and sets the soul free ....



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