Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2317 29.4.1942

Relationship of man to God as of a child to a father ....

The relationship of the human being to God should be the same as the relationship of the child to the father. Then the childlike love is the driving force to do what the Father asks, and then the Father can also consider His child as a loving Father does. The child should come to the Father in the most faithful trust and present its needs to Him in the firm confidence that it will be helped, because a good Father does not leave his child in need and misery and is always ready to help. This intimate relationship with God presupposes faith in a loving Being in Whose power it lies to avert all evil from the human being, and God blesses such faith by not leaving the prayer unfulfilled which is sent to Him in such faith.

The more intimate the child's devotion to its Father is, the more lovingly the Father will take care of the child, for the human being has now established the original relationship of his own accord, of his own free will; he has fulfilled the purpose of earthly life by bridging the separation from God as the original spirit from Whom he emerged and, through God's grace, has placed himself into a state which earns him union with God as soon as he leaves earthly life. And this can only be achieved through conscious acknowledgement and voluntary submission to a Power Which inclines Itself towards earthly people in Fatherly love. The relationship between child and father has to be established because this was the original relationship in which the being that emerged from God was free and inconceivably happy ....



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