Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2319 30.4.1942

Temple of the Lord ....

The human soul is the Lord's temple if it has shaped itself into love and can now take up residence with God Himself. And this temple is pleasing to God, for now the human being truly serves God because his activity of love has made him a servant of humanity, and God rewards such love with His nearness ..... He enters the human being's heart who has adorned it into a temple of the Lord. God's presence is the most delicious gift for the human being and therefore also sanctifies the heart which is allowed to shelter Him. It has become a temple of God where God Himself lets His voice sound, which the human being may hear in whose heart God has taken abode.

Hearing God's voice makes the human being the happiest creature on earth, and he now knows that God is supremely good and holy, that His love is boundless, which is inclined towards the human being ..... Man himself has become the temple of the Lord, and union with God has taken place .... This is a blissful union, an amalgamation of what once emerged from God with its Creator, and such an amalgamation must result in supreme bliss for the human being. And this bliss must be the result of a life of love, for where love is, God is .... and where God is, undreamed-of bliss.

As soon as a person has shaped his heart into a temple for the Lord, he is a child of God who enters into all filial rights. And thus it may also speak to the Father from mouth to mouth, it can hear Him at close quarters, it can hear His voice, ask Him and desire an answer, and it will be exceedingly happy to know the Lord within itself at all times. For anyone whose heart the Saviour has chosen to be His temple will never ever lose His grace and love, for divine love has seized him and will never let him go again.

His spirit has united with the Father-Spirit and thus there is no more relapse. The human being has passed the test of earthly life, he has finally freed himself from the power of God's adversary and of his own free will he has decided in favour of God, Who now rewards his willingness with His boundless love, with His presence, with His voice, which now sounds to him wherever and whenever he wants to hear it. And thus the human heart has become a temple which contains the holiest of things, the divine Lord Himself, Who has taken up residence in it, as He promised ....



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