Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2320 2.5.1942

Pure Truth ....
Defacement ....
Defacement ....

Anyone who desires to drink can draw from the source of truth. God does not deny the drink of refreshment to anyone who thirsts, and thus anyone who desires truth will be allowed to receive it. But God's wisdom also foresees how the received spiritual knowledge, which is drawn from the source of truth, will be utilised, and this determines Him to sometimes give this truth in a veiled form so that it will not be misused, i.e. so that it will not weaken the human will which would then fail, i.e. become inactive, where a specific goal is to be achieved.

Thus a person can receive knowledge which completely corresponds to the truth and yet is not yet entirely comprehensible to himself, because complete clarity about it would make him act differently than is beneficial for his higher development. Nevertheless, the human being is in truth. Only his attention is directed towards earthly effects, whereas only the spiritual development is decisive. If the human being has received knowledge through the direct instruction of God, this knowledge can be believed insofar as it was merely conveyed to earth in order to enlighten people, thus to introduce them to knowledge.

Then the knowledge will be offered in such a way that it will provide unveiled information about important questions and problems which God wants to answer for people. And the recipient will never accept unclear instructions, for God's will is that the human being's soul should become enlightened. Consequently, only the person who has clear intellectual thinking, who therefore does not mentally distort the divine instructions or pass them on unclearly, will be destined to receive the truth again. In some cases differences of opinion will arise, and then the one should defend the knowledge which directly came to him, because as soon as spiritual knowledge has passed into human possession it is no longer safe from deformation, i.e. from changes through human will.

And thus pure truth can no longer be inherent in a work where human hands were active in its dissemination. For it is not always enlightened people who have been entrusted with such a work, and it is therefore nothing unusual that discrepancies are found, that is, small deviations in the text or form of what is made accessible to humanity as divine revelation. However, it is inconsequential as long as a completely different meaning does not emerge. But God watches over the truth and also gives the earnest seeker and desiring truth the understanding to recognise what does not correspond to the pure truth. For God Himself is the truth, consequently nothing can emanate from Him which contradicts the truth, only the human being can perceive something differently because his power of realisation is still deficient ....



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