Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2324 5.5.1942

Spiritual currents ....
Robbery of the dark forces against light ....

The forces of darkness constantly fight against the world of light, and the various spiritual currents have such an effect that people are often hard pressed as soon as they get caught up in such currents. Where truth threatens to assert itself, where people increase their power of realisation through their way of life and are now ready to accept it, the dark power rages out unusually ..... It uses every opportunity to bring down the souls slipping away from it and seeks to render the bearers of truth harmless, which the beings of light in turn prevent.

Nevertheless, the beings of darkness have a certain freedom to test their strength on the human being's will. But the human being also has strength at his disposal as soon as he entrusts himself to the good forces and asks them for help. This spiritual battle is nevertheless of utmost importance, after all, an undreamt-of flow of strength is now directed to earth by the beings of light the more relentlessly the battle erupts. Such a struggle can result in great spiritual success insofar as this flow of strength is felt by many people who willingly open their hearts, who thus surrender themselves to the influence of the beings of light without any resistance and become seeing and knowing ...., thus they recognise the truth and joyfully accept it.

And these souls escape the power of the one who is the prince of lies. They turn away from his work in disgust and consciously strive towards Him Who is Truth Itself. In them it has become light and bright, and the light-filled beings are now constantly endeavouring to expand their knowledge and ward off the dark forces from them. And once a person's heart has opened itself to truth, the adversary has lost his game, for even if his struggle for such souls starts again and again, the beings of light are always ready to protect them from this influence, and their strength is truly greater, because God's strength can be conveyed to the truth-desiring souls through the beings of light ....



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