Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2328 9.5.1942

Sphere of Light ....
Light - Knowledge - Love ....

In the spiritual sphere the state of light is decisive for the being's bliss. And this state of light cannot be arbitrarily established or strengthened but is the result of the activity of love on earth or in the beyond. The activity of love cannot be circumvented, it is the first condition for a sphere flooded with light, which is intended to provide the spiritual being with bliss .... Love must be cultivated in order to attain wisdom through love; and as soon as the soul becomes knowledgeable its state is a state of light, for light is knowledge ..... Only knowing beings can be blissfully happy, for to be in knowledge is a state of perfection which earns the soul eternal beatitude.

Everything deficient is imperfect and must also result in a deficient, meagre state, i.e., the soul which is imperfect will feel this as a lack of beatitude ..... It is ignorant and therefore lightless, and its surroundings are meagre and oppressive. Light-flooded spheres can therefore only be the abode of souls which are perfect, thus possess everything which shapes them into perfection, and this is first of all knowledge received from God. For this knowledge only encompasses spiritual truths which God, as an emanation of Himself, conveys to all beings which are worthy of it, i.e. which, through loving activity, have decided in favour of God and aspired to be close to Him. But every emanation of God is light and must express itself again as light. It must radiate again and send out its luminosity to all spiritual that approaches this light.

Without knowledge there is no state of light in the beyond and also no light-flooded environment for the soul. As soon as the human being practices love on earth God's love permeates him and imparts wisdom from God to him ...., i.e., the thoughts of a loving person will always correspond to the truth, and when he leaves earth he recognises the connection of all things, the divine rule and activity and the purpose of all beings. And thus he stands in the light and can let this light radiate again to the beings which still lack light. If the human being is already brought close to the light on earth, he can let his light shine already on earth, i.e. pass on the knowledge to the people who want to accept it.

And this is always a state of bliss, for the imparting of truth from God to fellow human beings presupposes love, and every activity which is carried out in love is blissful for the practitioner. Love, knowledge and light are therefore unthinkable without each other, which is why the human being, if he fulfils the divine commandments, inevitably also becomes knowledgeable, thus his soul is in the light, even if it is not always outwardly recognisable. These people have a treasure within themselves which they do not dare to lift. Their spirit instructs them correctly but their earthly surroundings prevent them from letting the light shine, and thus it shines with increased brilliance as soon as they have ended their earthly life, for now the soul recognises its task, which consists of passing on the knowledge ....

The ability to already be able to teach on earth is a grace which has to be consciously requested but which is also granted to every person who wants to carry out this activity on earth. Then the spirit will manifestly express itself in the human being, i.e. it will instruct the soul in such a way that it will be trained as a teacher and be able to penetrate the deepest wisdom from God already on earth, which is the right of every human being who, out of love for humanity, wants to help it to emerge from darkness into light. This willingness has to precede, but then the receipt of wisdom from God .... of light and knowledge .... is unlimited. For God blesses every person who participates in the battle of light against darkness .... who wants to lead his fellow human beings to the light by passing on the knowledge he has received himself ....



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