Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2332 11.5.1942

Blessing the spiritual work ....
Involvement in the Beyond ....

The blessing of spiritual work is incalculable, it has an effect in all regions on earth as well as in the beyond. The circle of those who participate in the teachings in the beyond expands from day to day, and thus you are always surrounded by receptive souls who simultaneously accept the knowledge imparted to you. It is a continuous activity, for they do not fail to pass on the spiritual knowledge they have received to those entrusted to their love and care. The spiritual knowledge thus offered can therefore be imparted to countless souls, and the spiritual work which can be constantly accomplished by an earthly person's willingness to receive spiritual gifts is inconceivable.

For these instructions from the beyond to earth draw innumerable souls which pay close attention to the process and are now much more willing to be instructed likewise. The beings of light who instruct the earthly child always distribute their gifts in such a way that they can also be understood by the newcomers, for the souls who already have deeper knowledge are again assigned to them for instruction. But it is always a joy and a state of well-being for the souls in the beyond when they are allowed to participate in the teachings, because their state of light improves with every spiritual gift according to their willingness to pass it on.

And thus ever new souls can be brought to the light, they can be led from their lightless, dark surroundings into light twilight and now, through constant teaching, become acquainted with the benefit of the rays of light until they themselves are full of desire for the light and eagerly participate in all teachings which are constantly accessible to them through the love of the beings of light. In the beyond, earthly activity is ruled out because all activity is only meant for the transmission of spiritual gifts. However, the deeper the being's knowledge, the more eagerly it is carried out.

The Word of God is received in the beyond with far greater desire and more heartfelt gratitude than on earth, for the souls which have now left earth are extremely pleased about this connection from the beyond to earth and also want to benefit from this connection for themselves. Their striving is serious and therefore they are also lovingly treated by the beings of light by being allowed to attend every connection. For all who hunger and thirst will be satisfied, and their food is the Word of God which His love offers them in heaven and on earth ....



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