Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2333 12.5.1942

Reshaping Matter ....
Dienes ....
Activity ....
Higher development ....

Spiritual matter is attached to all matter, i.e., the actual essence of matter is the same substance as the soul of the human being, and the knowledge of this should stimulate people to perpetual activity, to constant transformation of matter or assistance in this. All beingness strives for liberation, it wants to escape from form and can only do so by overcoming this form, i.e. by willingly serving the form until it is dissolved. The human being is now admitted to earthly activity, i.e. through his activity he can transform any material into things which serve fellow human beings, i.e. which are to fulfil their purpose.

Through this the human being constantly helps the beingness in form to free itself from it, and that is why earthly activity is extraordinarily beneficial and absolutely necessary for the further development of the spiritual. However, things which have come into being through human will must also be given the opportunity to serve, otherwise the spiritual substance's stay in this form will be unnecessarily prolonged, which means torment for the spiritual substance and is not to the human being's advantage either, for it increases his desire for possessions. The human being strives for something which he has already overcome and now, as a human being, should finally overcome by freeing himself from the desire for it.

The sooner an object is allowed to serve, the sooner the essence can free itself from it, revive a new form and thus develop to the height, as is its destiny. Every activity which lets things come into being, which serves the well-being of fellow human beings or other creatures, is blessed by God, and the human being will also feel the blessing in himself, because the spiritual, which is liberated by human hand, is well-disposed towards the human being, which helped him to become free, and stands by him again in turn, according to his ability.

Everything that makes up the human being's environment is in constant change, nothing remains in its old form for eternity, change constantly takes place, often imperceptible to the eye, and as soon as the human being contributes to it in the will to create something that corresponds to a purpose, he makes himself worthy of the essence which animates matter ..... The human being serves and the spiritual serves in what the human being lets come into being through his will. But the human will must always be prepared to serve, i.e. it must not let things come into being through its activity which harm its fellow human beings.

Otherwise, the spiritual that is hidden in it will also be forced into an activity that is not advantageous for its spiritual development. It is true that the spiritual is forced into a task against its will, and it has to fulfil this task, and therefore not the spiritual but the human being in his freedom of will is held responsible, but the spiritual itself strives for its early release from such forms because it feels the adversity of its task. Only serving activity makes people truly free, and only such activity should be carried out on earth if the human being wants to redeem himself and also the spiritual substance .... Love for other people must always be the determining factor and the created things must always serve them for the best, then the spiritual substance will also be able to fulfil its helpful task until its form is dissolved ....



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