Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2335 13.5.1942

Recollection ....
Free will ....
Belief without proof ....

The beingness strives for the last embodiment on earth because through this it promises itself the final liberation. And therefore it must now pass the last test of life as a human being, deprived of all recollection of the previous stages, so that the passing of this test of earthly life only depends on the decision of its free will. The knowledge of his task on earth comes to him, either through human instructions or mental instructions from knowing spiritual beings, and the human being's will is now confronted with decisions which can bring him closer to God or increase his distance from Him.

If he knew about his past life his actions and thoughts would be under the impression of that past life and then it would not be possible to speak of a free decision, for the bondage in the many forms, which the spiritual being has overcome, would have such a burdening effect on the human being's soul that it would now lead its way of life under a certain compulsion or the fear of having to live through the previous stages once again. But then the being could never reach a degree of maturity for which free will is a prerequisite. Consequently, the soul must be deprived of the recollection in order not to make it unfree and thus unsuitable for its spiritual higher development.

However, during the time of the earthly change the human being will still be informed of the consequences of a right as well as a wrong life, only this will happen by way of instructions which cannot be proven but only have to be believed, so that the freedom of will will continue to exist again, since proof would likewise have a determining effect on the human being, thus the human being would again act under compulsion. All knowledge can be made accessible to the human being and yet divine wisdom cannot be proven, instead it requires profound faith and therefore cannot be regarded as a means of coercion by which the soul is pushed onto a certain path without its will.

God constantly informs people of the consequences of their earthly change but always in a way which nevertheless allows them to act freely ..... He brings Himself close to them but does not force Himself upon them .... Yet no matter how they decide, they have to accept the consequences, for God has granted them a measure of grace for the time of their life on earth which only needs to be utilised. He does not helplessly leave the soul to itself but gives it all conceivable support so that it can cover the earthly path correctly.

And thus the time of embodiment as a human being is a time of true grace for the being which can result in its complete liberation from the form if the being does not oppose it with its will and rejects the grace granted to it by God's love ..... Then it has decided of its own free will in favour of God's adversary and left its last embodiment on earth unused, and then it has to struggle and fight in the beyond under torment and self-reproach in order to make its self-inflicted fate bearable and to be able to record spiritual progress ....



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