Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2336 14.5.1942

Wrestling in the hereafter ....
Re-embodiment on earth? earth? ....

And therefore it is of great importance how earthly life is used, for as soon as it is decided a completely different struggle for ascent to ascent begins, as it was granted to the being on earth. Earthly life continued to provide it with strength which it could use at will, whereas the being's life in the beyond is only blessed with strength when the being has reached a certain degree of maturity, but before that a completely powerless state is the souls' fate until they have reached this degree of maturity. And the latter is unspeakably difficult and would also be entirely impossible if God's grace would not still meet him in the form of rays of light which bring him moments of recognition in order to awaken the desire for light in the being.

Again, God only seeks to change the being's will in order to then also give it the opportunity to carry out the will. Only the conditions in the beyond are much more difficult to fulfil. A powerless being is also so weak-willed that it requires the greatest effort and patience on the part of the beings of light to determine the being to let its will become active itself. But a being in the state of darkness will never ask to return to earth in order to make up for its misguided way of life on earth, that is, to put it back in accordance with its actual earthly task. For only this will would earn the soul a renewed stay on earth.

But the immature soul's will only applies to material earthly life but never to spiritual higher development, for once it has become active then it also knows that only loving service promotes its higher development, and it truly has enough opportunity for this in the beyond. For there is an enormous amount of work to be done if light in the form of knowledge is to be supplied to the souls. It is the activity in the beyond which people on earth cannot comprehend and which is nevertheless unspeakably important ....

What was neglected on earth has to be made up for in the beyond, and just as spiritual help for fellow human beings is an act of love on earth, the beings' activity in the beyond is also a continuous activity of love .... a constant distribution of what the souls lack .... a distribution of light and knowledge to the souls which dwell in darkness. This activity requires free will just as on earth. The being must be willing to be of service, then it will progress in its development. Once it has overcome its lack of will it will work diligently on itself. It will certainly also remember the unused time on earth in deep remorse but now sees a sphere of activity before it which requires all its willingness to help. ....

The soul now thinks more of the suffering souls around it than of its own state, and only then will it fulfil its task with devotion, and its own state will become increasingly more enlightened because it will now receive light and strength in order to pass it on. But once it has become a recipient of light and strength it will never ever want to return to earth unless a task is to be carried out on earth which necessitates the embodiment of a being of light on earth ..... It must always be taken into account that in the state of darkness the soul also lacks realisation, since it neglected its spiritual development on earth .... However, if it recognises this, it will also see the possibilities in the beyond which will ensure its ascent.

However, a repeated embodiment on earth would only be granted to the soul if it desired it in full awareness of its immature state and for the purpose of maturing the soul ...., thus if free will urged it to live on earth again in order to attain a higher state of maturity. But this already presupposes a certain knowledge and thus also a certain degree of maturity, i.e. the ability to love, which then impels the soul to participate in the act of Salvation in the beyond, because it realises that every strength is also needed for this and then willingly places its love at the service of this act of Salvation ....



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