Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2338 16.5.1942

God Himself shakes the minds of men who aspire to Him and yet reject His Word ....

It is an unmistakable God-opposing influence when such an obvious gift of God's grace is not recognised for what it is .... as the working of God-connected forces, as an expression of God's will. This is all the more regrettable because the spiritual adversity of the time is the reason for God's extraordinary activity, thus it is the reason for the divine gift of grace being conveyed to earth, but humanity does not recognise the necessity of it, consequently it is not aware of the adversity it is in and, since it does not recognise the adversity, does nothing to escape it.

It does not look for the reason for the spiritual low where it can be found ..... And therefore it will also not apply the lever where it would be necessary .... And this is the adversary's activity of spreading everything in the world as truth which has no claim to it .... Furthermore, it is his work to weaken the faculty of judgement and to cloud clear knowledge. And even if divine gift is offered it will not be recognised as such, even if the will to serve Him exists ..... People strive towards God but they do not recognise His Word.

And therefore God Himself draws close to them in a way which imparts realisation to them in a flash. For He does not leave them to His adversary but takes up the battle with him. He sends them information from another side which seems more credible to people but which is now accepted because the divine working is now unmistakable. And now the consistency of what was commanded by God's great love will also convince people who were previously unfamiliar with God's working in the human being. And God still reserves this for Himself .... But He will come when it is commanded that He visibly expresses Himself ....

He comes when even those people are in danger of going astray and deviating from the truth .... And this coming of His is imminent, and it will so shake those people that it will suddenly become bright in them and they will now recognise both the necessity of God's working as well as the working of the adversary .... They will become knowledgeable and also overlook the spiritual adversity and God's infinite love which brings help to those who want to come to Him. For He needs fighters and looks for them in the ranks of those who willingly offer their services to Him .....

Yet if they want to serve Him they must first be in truth. They cannot fulfil the task of spreading truth if they themselves are in error and do not recognise it. Thus the adversary first has to be uncovered and exposed, the human being has to see the devastation he causes so that he will turn away from him and gladly accept the divine gift of grace, because it is now tangible to him and therefore no longer causes his will to reject it, instead he will profess it and support it with complete conviction .... because his heart can affirm everything God offers him from above ....



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