Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2354 31.5.1942

Right Followers of Christ ....
Love Life ....

My true followers are permeated by My spirit, and if they perform signs and wonders in My name I Myself work through them. .... And their way of life has to be like My way of life on earth as a human being, thus it has to be a life of loving activity, and if they preach My teaching and call upon Me to confirm what they teach, they will also be able to work like Me, thus they will perform miracles by which people will recognise the truth of their mission.

But if people come in My name and want to bring salvation to the world .... if they pretend to be Christ but do not live as Christ, their signs and miracles will not be genuine either, i.e. they will not work with the help of strength from Me but people will know how to utilise the forces of nature but not openly confess their ability, instead they will leave people believing that all strength is at their disposal as God's emissaries so that they will find great followers and be able to increase their earthly power. For the false Christs and false prophets only seek recognition, fame and honour from people. They strive for worldly wealth, for power and prestige, they don't give God the glory but seek to displace Him and put themselves in His place .....

And you humans shall recognise their activities by the fact that they certainly preach in My name but do not perform signs and wonders in My name which could truly be called miracles. For everyone will be able to perform false miracles, yet only those people who are completely faithless want to perform them, thus they are in close contact with the prince of darkness who uses his power to make the human being's will submissive to his will. And this use of the will achieves things which seem miraculous to the human being as long as he is in spiritual darkness himself ....



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