Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2355 1.6.1942

God feeds His own in times of need ....
Grace ....

You humans will only realise the abundance of grace that flows from the directly received Word of God when you are deprived of any possibility to receive the Word of God elsewhere. Times will come when nothing will remind you of the activity of spreading the teachings of faith which have so far been openly offered to people .... A time will come when people will only meet in secret in order to hear about God's love, His will and His working, and people will have to fear that these meetings will be considered a crime.

And this is the time which God foresaw and which caused Him to be extraordinarily active in order to be able to give these people the bread of heaven in a direct form. As people want it, so He lets it happen, yet He comes to the aid of those who have to suffer under that will ..... And what is taken from them by people God Himself gives back to them, He Himself comes to people and feeds and strengthens and comforts them .... He does not tolerate that they have to live in want but He gives them food which is imperishable, He feeds them with the bread of heaven, He supplies them with nourishment which is the direct transmission of strength from God.

For He knows that people need such; He knows that they get into situations where their faith is in danger; He knows about their weakness of faith in the face of such dangers and therefore He offers them His Word which silences all fear and worry. For He Himself descends to earth in the Word and is therefore in the midst of those who faithfully accept His Word. And thus people, strong in faith and undaunted, will let everything pass them by and still be happy. They will allow themselves to be reviled, they will bear all persecution with patience and only recognise the truth of the divine Word in it, and their strength will increase, their faith will become ever deeper and more unshakeable. And they will no longer fear the world if they have submitted themselves to the One Who also rules over the world.

Where the Word of God is offered the Lord dwells in the midst of people, and He refreshes and strengthens them for the battle they are to wage for His name's sake. The time is near when the adversary will prepare himself for this battle, when he will determine people's will for unscrupulous action against all people who stand in faith. The time has come when the evil spiritual forces will look for people in bondage to them through whom they can work unhindered ..... And it will be their greatest ambition to prevent everything that favours spiritual striving and to destroy everything that points to God or acknowledges Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world ...., thus to prevent all knowledge of divine wisdom, on the other hand to assert themselves with satanic cunning .....

And the followers of the world will be at their beck and call; as they are already far from God, they will have no qualms about giving up everything spiritual and content themselves with earthly pleasures, thus paying homage to the adversary of God who wants to raise himself to the throne .... He will reign for a time, but the power of faith shall be revealed in those who resist him and acknowledge God as their sole Lord .... For what God's adversary offers them will only ever be worldly good that has no permanence .... He will promise honour and glory to people who are willing to him and threaten the others who are faithful to their faith. And so he sets himself against God ....

He is His adversary, His enemy, who will do anything to gain supremacy over the human soul. Yet he will not succeed in doing so with souls which are devoted to God .... Only where unkindness prevails will he celebrate triumphs and present himself to them as God, and their blindness will acknowledge him. But God protects His Own from his influence by imparting His strength to them even when God's adversary wants to prevent it ..... He sends His Word to them and is with them Himself in the Word, distributing strength and grace and blessing those who are faithful to Him and want to serve Him. For one thing is necessary in the coming time .... that the divine Word is spread which He Himself sends to people and which He has blessed with His strength ....



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