Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2358 5.6.1942

Divine Word ....
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Love ....
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Only that can correspond to God's will which is guided by the commandments of love for God and neighbour, for if the human being lives in accordance with these commandments he will never violate divine will. Consequently, an earthly change which is not based on the divine commandments, which therefore contradicts God's will, must be useless for the soul because it does not result in higher development. Thus the soul is then in a state of immaturity which can only be remedied by the granting of grace, and this is given to it through the presentation of the divine Word which informs the soul that it is in danger and lives its earthly life wrongly .....

This bestowal of grace can then be accepted but also rejected, depending on its will; however, it is the only means for the human being to change his earthly life and submit to the divine commandments. And the consequences of a wrong way of life must be presented to him for this purpose, as well as the life in light which awaits a soul which has submitted itself to God's will. Yet these consequences can never be proven to the human being such that he has to believe, consequently the origin of the divine Word can always be doubted if the human being wants to .....

He will counter that what is spread as divine Word is always man's work and will never allow himself to be convinced that a human being has drawn from a source which was made accessible to people through God's great love in order to impart knowledge to them which corresponds to the truth ..... They will only be able to understand and believe this if they live a right way of life, a life of love, which earns them knowledge. Then it will no longer seem surprising to them that God Himself is the source Which lets living water flow to people ...., then they will also be able to believe without proof what they are taught about the consequences of a wrong way of life and live according to God's will of their own accord.

They will live a life of love and know that they can then also constantly draw from the flow of life, that they receive divine wisdom from His hand. Thus a life of love will always be decisive for the soul's degree of maturity because it increases the degree of knowledge and the soul's enlightened state depends on knowledge. The commandment of love for God and one's neighbour cannot therefore be excluded and must be fulfilled first, so that the consequences of a life of love express themselves in increased knowledge, and therefore people must be urged to love and this again through the mediation of the divine Word, which admonishes and educates people to love.

As soon as the unbelieving human being, who wants to deny God as the origin of His Word, is lovingly active himself, all doubt will disappear from his mind. He will have to regard the Word as an utterance of God, for his loving heart accepts it and at the same time gives him the understanding for it. And it is now no longer possible for doubts to take hold of the human being as soon as he lives a life of constant loving activity. For since God draws him to Himself, Who is love Himself, he also recognises His Word, His voice, and he unquestioningly and without hesitation accepts everything as truth which is offered to him through God's love .... which is conveyed to him as divine Word.

The divine Word educates to love, the human being's activity of love earns him knowledge, and increased knowledge increases his love for God and His living creations again. And ever brighter light, i.e. an ever more clairvoyant state, will be the fate of the one who is lovingly active on earth. And therefore wisdom can never be sought from the worldly wise if they lack love, whereas they will, however, recognise truth as such if they simultaneously live a life of active neighbourly love. For they will also acknowledge God as the source of His Word, they cannot do otherwise because they have already united with Him through a life of love and thus also recognise His working ....



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