Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2359 7.8.1942

Responsibility ....
Mental transmission of the Word of God ....

And therefore the human being is also responsible for how he lives his life, because knowledge of His will is given to him through the Word of God. For God also speaks to people in a different way than just through direct mediation .... He guides the thoughts of every individual so that they can recognise God if only they are willing. He has created countless miraculous works around the human being, all of which bear witness to His Creator, thus directing the human being's thoughts to Him time and again.

These thoughts can indeed be rejected or dropped. Once they arise the human being is not forced to pursue them, thus even now the recognition of the eternal Deity depends on the human being's will to affirm them, for the willing human being continues to spin out such emerging thoughts and thereby gives the beings of light looking after him the opportunity to influence him, i.e. they direct his thoughts towards the right recognition and stimulate him into ever new thought activity.

Therefore, without any external influence, without the transmission of the divine Word on the part of fellow human beings, a person can find himself far closer to the truth and has, so to speak, acquired it through his own reflection, because he has offered no resistance to the activity of the beings of light who have mentally instructed him. Thus every work of creation, every event and experience surrounding the human being is intended to guide him towards the recognition of the eternal Deity, for God Himself speaks to people through all this in order to confirm it through the directly spoken Word which He sends to people, so that the human being can repeatedly obtain confirmation from the latter that his thinking corresponds to the truth.

Then he will not deviate from the truth as long as he surrenders himself without resistance to God's working through the beings of light. As soon as he feels an inner resistance and gives in to this feeling, that is, as soon as he is unwillingly confronted by what is commanded of him, he has already fallen prey to the opposing power which imparts this will to him, which thus wants to turn him away from God and the recognition of Him. .... As soon as the thought of a highest and most perfect Being, to Whom the human being has to answer for his way of life, is bothersome or unpleasant to him, God's adversary already has an effect on the human being.

And then the beings of light step into action to the extent that they send the Word of God to the endangered human being through the mouth of a human being. He will now be warned and admonished, and what he mentally does not want to agree with will be forcefully presented to him, yet the decision is left up to him, for he must live his earthly life in fullest freedom of will, otherwise it cannot earn him final spiritual freedom. However, God offers the being all possibilities, all blessings and aids, which it need only use as long as it lives on earth in the embodiment as a human being ....



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