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BD 2362 8.6.1942

Bread of Heaven Food for the Soul ....
"Seek first first the kingdom of God ...."

You humans should not disregard spiritual nourishment, for it is the most important thing in earthly life that you receive the bread of heaven to nourish your souls. The physical body cannot exist without nourishment, likewise the soul, but it needs nourishment even more urgently because it is imperishable and the lack of spiritual nourishment results in an inconceivably agonising state which is far worse than perishing. All nourishment for the body's upkeep is supplied to it through earthly nourishment, and yet the preservation of it only has the one purpose of granting the soul a place to stay so that it can fulfil its earthly task.

But in order to be able to fulfil this task the soul has to be supplied with nourishment which gives it strength, and this nourishment is the bread of heaven, the Word of God, which God's love offers it as sustenance on its way through the earthly valley. And no soul will need to hunger and thirst that desires such. Myriads of God-serving beings hand out the divine gift, the bread of heaven, to earthly people. They are everywhere along the path of the earth wanderer and offer it to the hungry and thirsty, so that they can feast on it and continue their way strengthened.

And the Word of God is the bread of heaven ..... It is the most delicious gift of grace God has in store for you humans, and you will become aware of its strength if you are in great need. Just as a fresh drink will refresh you, so the divine Word will always refresh and strengthen you, for this is Jesus' promise that whoever drinks of the water He offers people will no longer thirst for eternity .... And His Word is truth .... God Himself is the fountain from which the living water springs .... God Himself is the bread of life which He offers to you humans for nourishment of the soul, so that you may receive it and strengthen yourselves .... And therefore spiritual food should be desired first.

Earthly food will then be given to you at the same time, for God will not let those who think of their soul first suffer bodily hunger, which He also promised with the Words 'Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will fall to you ....'. You need never worry about your physical well-being, nor do you need to worry about the form in which you will receive nourishment if this does not seem possible on earth .... God's Word is truth, and if you believe it His promise will be fulfilled. He will always provide for you, spiritually and physically, as soon as you unite with Him and want to receive His gifts. But you must desire the spiritual food first, for your soul needs it on its path of ascent, and for the sake of your soul God has given you earthly life, which also requires earthly food.

Thus God will truly give you what you need to maintain the body if you strive to maintain the body for the sake of your soul. And the spiritual food, the Word of God, will also be able to sustain the body, for this is strength from God which flows directly to the human being through His Word, and this strength sustains everything, it also sustains the body as soon as earthly nourishment is withdrawn from it. For it is God's strength which sustains every work of creation which has emerged from this strength. Therefore, if the human being receives God's direct emanation of strength he will not need any other nourishment and will still be able to exist, if this is God's will.

And it will be God's will in the coming time that the power of the divine Word will be revealed through extraordinary manifestations, which will flow to those who firmly and steadfastly believe and keep God's commandments. For if a person is willing to consider his soul first and desires the bread of heaven for it, he will be satisfied both spiritually and physically, for God's love is unchanging and His Word is truth: 'Do not worry about what you will eat or drink, but seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will fall to you ....'.



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