Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2366 12.6.1942

Belief in the redemptive work of Christ ....

Faith in Christ's work of redemption has become so weak among humanity that it is threatened with the greatest danger. And God has known about this weakness of faith for eternity. The number of those who are deeply imbued with the most holy mission of the divine Redeemer is small, for many confessors of His name only do so outwardly and will also abandon this shallow faith if they are forced to do so. Christ's act of Salvation was a work of love which can only be understood through love, which can only be truly grasped by people who live in love themselves and thus know that love is capable of the greatest sacrifice. But anyone who is far from love will never understand the greatness of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity.

The suffering and death on the cross can only be empathised with and experienced with all agonies by people whose hearts are capable of love, whereas the unloving person will have no understanding for the agonies of Jesus' sacrificial death. And since humanity is now devoid of all love it has also lost faith in the act of Salvation, and this is the explanation why faith in Jesus Christ is to be eradicated in the world. Only love can recognise Him as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world .... But anyone who lacks love rejects Him, for his God is always the prince of darkness and his power is acknowledged through the desire for the world, which makes people incapable of any activity of love.

And it will be difficult to live in the midst of a world without love and to keep faith in Jesus Christ ..... It will be difficult to withstand the temptations of the world, and it will be difficult to defend the faith in the Saviour's divine love and to openly confess His name before the world. And yet, this will be possible for people who live a life of love, for they are permeated by His spirit and will be victors over the world and its fighters if they are intimately united through love with the One Who is love Himself. They have deeply penetrated divine wisdom and know about the great guilt of the being as well as about the inconceivable grace which was acquired for them through the death of Jesus on the cross .....

They also know that only profound love for their fellow human beings motivated Jesus to sacrifice Himself for them, and thus they acknowledge Him in their hearts and are now also able to represent Him and His act of Salvation before the world and to loudly confess His name. And these few will take up the battle which the world tells them to fight; they will not be afraid, for they are supported by the divine Saviour Who gave His blood for people in order to redeem them from the power of the adversary ..... The adversary will once again take up arms against the followers of Christ and a battle will break out which can only be fought in profound faith in Jesus Christ.

And unkindness will become more evident than ever, and love will have to suffer again, yet it will also be able to bear every suffering .... Christ will be crucified again if He is denied by humanity, for whom His death on the cross was intended to bring redemption from utmost adversity. And only love will confess Him, only people who are capable of love will remain faithful to Him, for the divine Redeemer Himself gives them the strength to resist their enemies, and they will be and remain victors even though they lose their earthly life, for they were in truth followers of Jesus and, if necessary, also seal their loyalty to Him with their physical death .... For in them faith is alive in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world ....



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