Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2367 13.6.1942

Power of Faith in Time to Come ....

The power of faith will be revealed in a way that will make even the most hostile people wonder. The believing human being will be the living testimony for the truth of what he represents, for he will accomplish things which are contrary to natural laws .... he will acquire the strength of Jesus Christ by calling upon Him, and then the Lord Himself will work through him. For the human being will get into situations where only strong faith in God will sustain him, and God will not let this faith be destroyed. And thus the believers can look forward to the coming time without fear, they will be protected by the Most High despite all tribulations, and where earthly measures seem unbearable they will receive the strength to master them.

And this time has also been planned since eternity; humanity shall recognise that God is with those who stand by Him, they shall recognise the truth of the divine Word and be able to convince themselves of what the strength of faith is capable of. The believing human being will have a weapon against which the adversary will be powerless, for even the forces of nature will be subject to his will as soon as he needs them for his protection or as evidence of the truthfulness of the divine Word. And he will be able to banish evil if it wants to harm him. He will visibly stand under God's protection, even though his earthly destruction is foreseen.

And this time is also announced in Word and Scripture, for God foresaw the time and the necessity of His obvious working through people, and thus He uses those who are faithfully devoted to Him and equips them with great strength so that His promise will be fulfilled: 'You will do even greater things ....' and 'Whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you ....'. And the adversity will produce a strong faith, for the followers of Jesus will come into severe distress and the Word of God will be their only source of comfort and strength .... And they will draw from it and strength will noticeably flow over them .... Undaunted and confident they will accept everything, always confident of God's help, which is assured to them through His Word ....

And thus the Word has life, it comes true because it is brought to life, because people live exactly according to it and thus the promises must also be fulfilled in them, as it was proclaimed before. And anyone who calls this profound faith his own will be shattered by earthly power, for he always holds God's power against it and is fearless and certain of God's help ..... And thus he will be invulnerable from it as long as he is a fighter for God ....



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