Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2368 15.6.1942

Efficacy of the divine word ....

God's Word, which comes from above, testifies to God's strength, to His love and wisdom and is therefore a gift of grace because God offers it to people who have not yet reached the state of maturity which the influx of God's strength requires. And therefore the willingness to receive is required before the Word of God can take effect on people, i.e. before it can be felt as an influx of strength. It can certainly be heard by all people, that is, it can be brought close to them and yet pass by the individual's ear without effect, then the person is not willing to receive it and it remains ineffective for him.

Therefore, every person is free to decide how he attunes himself to the Word which guides God's love to earth, but his willingness to receive it is always the prerequisite for grace and strength to flow through him. And the heartfelt devotion to God ensures that the Word becomes effective in a way which helps the human being to attain spiritual maturity ..... Anyone who accepts the Word of God without resistance will feel its effect in increased activity of love, he will feel urged to act in accordance with the commandment of love for God and his neighbour, he will have an ever-growing desire for divine food, he will see, i.e. grasp what was previously incomprehensible to him, and the knowledge of spiritual truths will make him happy.

Thus the flow of strength will flow through him and influence his activity on earth, his way of life in a God-pleasing way. And yet, the same Word can also remain ineffective with people who inwardly close themselves off, who are still distant from God and lack the will to reduce their distance from Him. It dulls their ears and leaves no impression, for an inner resistance makes the heart incapable of receiving the flow of strength, and thus the human being's soul remains completely untouched by it. Thus God constantly gives but people do not accept, and therefore the maturing of the one who rejects it is questioned because he absolutely needs the strength from God for it but this can only be given to him through the Word of God.

His activity of love is insignificant and thus he does nothing to change his spiritual state ..... He neither recognises God's love nor His wisdom and omnipotence, he blindly passes by everything and yet is always the originator of his blindness because he does not receive what is offered to him, because he does not let the Word speak to his heart which God guides to earth, and because he does not comply with what is suggested to him ..... For his will alone is decisive as to whether God's strength and grace will take effect in him. But God's love constantly offers His grace to people, God's strength constantly flows to earth, and God constantly seeks to help people in their adversity .... For His love no longer stops ....



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