Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2369 15.6.1942

End of the time of grace ....
Severe suffering ....

The time of grace will soon be over and humanity's mind will not turn. People are becoming ever more unloving and ever deeper entangled in Satan's nets, so that they tear each other apart and are devoid of all love. And God uses every means to snatch them away from this spiritual low ..... He takes their earthly possessions in order to detach them from matter, and He tries to induce them to think through all kinds of tribulations. He puts them into situations where they should turn to Him for help; yet every means fails and the spiritual state will not be remedied.

And the time is no longer far away when God's rod of correction will strike people, for the time of grace is approaching its end. And that is why the earth still has to endure unspeakably severe suffering, for this suffering is a mercy as soon as it does not pass people by without leaving a trace and brings salvation to the soul. But the human being's will cannot be forced, and if suffering does not let him find the right path there is no longer any salvation for him, and he belongs to those who will feel the Lord's power on the day of Judgment and thus will be found unfit.

And people cannot grasp what this decision means. They cannot imagine that their soul will again have to endure a state of unspeakable torment for centuries. But God, Who knows this, leaves no stone unturned to spare them this fate, but He cannot forcibly turn people's will towards good. But the coming adversity will be so great that every person's natural feeling will be awakened to help his fellow human being if he has not completely renounced all love. If he is still capable of love, even if only to the smallest degree, then he will awaken in the face of this adversity and also act lovingly.

But anyone who still passes by this adversity without being willing to help has lost all spark of love and the possibility of ascent no longer exists for him. They are so distant from God that they stand outside of God's emanation of love, which therefore means the same as that the spiritual substance hardens itself again into hardest matter ..... And now the earthly change begins anew in greatest agony of being bound .... If unspeakable suffering befalls the earth beforehand, this is still an act of God's mercy because He wants to spare the souls the inconceivable suffering of another earthly change. But it is not recognised as such, rather the suffering is an occasion for increased rejection of God because people in their blindness do not recognise the spiritual connection.

Yet enough information is given about it, and therefore the Lord raises prophets and lets them know everything beforehand, He does not let the time approach without indications, He constantly sends admonitions to people and informs them about the meaning and purpose of the earthly change ..... Yet they close their ears and reject the divine gift of grace without hesitation, and therefore there is no salvation left for these people, no path which keeps them away from the abyss if they don't listen to the last admonitions and warnings.

They can only ever be made aware that the spiritual low is the cause of the coming suffering and that this first has to be remedied before the suffering can be stopped on God's part. Anyone who remembers these admonitions and warnings when the last time of grace dawns, the time of the most painful life on earth .... , will be able to avert the worst from himself at the last hour through God's call; he will not belong to those who are condemned to endure the state of complete helplessness and unimaginable torments for eternities ....



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