Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2370 16.6.1942

Using the flow of grace from immature spiritual ....

A measure of grace is available to the human being during his earthly life which enables him to become completely free as soon as he is willing to allow this grace to take effect on him. So every person can already reach the state of light on earth if he wants to, yet he himself determines the measure of grace he receives through his will. God's love sets no limits, but the human being himself does so through his attitude towards Him, which now increases or decreases the influx of grace. And thus his state of light also depends on how the human being desires and uses the grace he is entitled to.

If divine grace is left unused it nevertheless emanates as strength onto the works of creation whose spiritual substances are not yet in possession of free will and is felt beneficially by these works of creation. Divine grace is the outpouring of God's love, and all beings willing to receive it will feel the influx of the divine emanation of love as strength. Thus the rejection and non-use of divine grace on the part of the human being will result in a faster higher development of the spiritual, which is not yet in the stage of free will, for this balance is so intended by God. The spiritual substance now pushes towards its last embodiment on earth as a human being in order to be able to make extensive use of the flow of grace at its disposal for its liberation.

Thus the spiritual essence, which is still in the bound will, participates to a certain extent in what is intended for the already more mature spiritual essence as soon as the latter does not use God's gift, and this manifests itself in a faster transformation of the external forms, in faster passing away and becoming ..... God takes the will of the bound person into account who is now ready for service and therefore strives towards the stage of free will. He takes it into account by giving the being the possibility of a faster transformation of its outer shell .... which now appears again in increased use of everything the human being needs to lead his life.

Thus the human being himself unconsciously gives the spiritual substance surrounding him in form the opportunity for faster higher development, which, however, is only ever the result of the spiritual substance's readiness to serve and which was again unfolded or increased by the emanating strength of grace from God. And therefore, in times of people's spiritual low, the spiritual in form will always strive more eagerly for its final embodiment because it pushes towards the flow of grace which is guided into creation by God but is not utilised by the beings in free will ....



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