Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2378 22.6.1942

Only love redeems ....
Shapes of the heart ....

It is only love that leads the human being upwards, and only through love does a transformation take place in him which is necessary in order to reach from the depth to the height, to the light. Nothing else can redeem him, nothing else can replace love, and nothing else but love can lead him closer to God ..... And even if the human being lives his life on earth in fulfilment of duty and strict observation and fulfilment of the demands placed on him, nothing guarantees his progress but love alone. For this changes the soul and makes it willing to open itself and give the spirit within freedom. And the working of the spirit ensures the soul's higher development .... the maturing, without which life in eternity is inconceivable .....

But love is God Himself .... Therefore God must be in everything and with everything that man begins .... And the human being has completely accepted Him within himself if he lives in love, and then his earthly life must result in his perfection, because God Himself is in him and can work according to His will. God and love are one, and therefore God can only be found through love, even though He is sought intellectually. The knowledge of God and the belief that He exists does not bring the human being closer to the eternal Deity .... he will only consciously strive towards Him through loving activity, then the sincere will exists to come close to Him, and only then will the right realisation follow, which is conveyed to him by way of the heart ....

And thus love is indispensable in order to enter the kingdom of God .... Love overcomes everything, it remains victorious even in the most difficult battle, because God Himself stands by the side of the person who lives in love, Who is in him through the human being's activity of love. The human being's degree of love determines when God as Love Itself takes abode in him. He can only dwell where love has accomplished such a transformation, where the human being has shaped himself according to God's will .....

He must be humble, gentle, peaceful and patient from the bottom of his heart, and all this is brought about by love ..... For he puts God and his fellow human being before love for himself and will always consider himself less; he will not demand anything for himself but always give .... he will not condemn but understand and forgive .... he will not seek dispute and suppress all arrogance .... he will have understanding for his fellow human being's weaknesses and therefore practise patience.

And thus his nature changes and shapes itself as it is divine will. And in such a shaped soul God Himself can take abode .... Hence love will dwell in the human being in all its fullness, he will no longer be able to do anything but be lovingly active, because God Himself will now guide all his actions and thoughts, Who is in him .... And where God is there can no longer be any depth, no darkness and no unfree state; where God is there is light and freedom, where God is there is peace and bliss .... Love has redeemed the human being ....



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