Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Preaching ....
Right Preachers - Reception Vessels ....

The gift of preaching the Gospel presupposes love for people if divine words are to flow from the preacher's mouth, for then the preacher is the organ through which God Himself speaks to people, whereas otherwise he speaks human words ..... Words which are learned and only reflect the knowledge which the human being has absorbed in school. As soon as a person is active in love, the spirit from God works through him, and then he can only speak what the spirit from God imparts to him. Therefore, a preacher who is not active in love can never successfully stand up for the Gospel, for they are only empty words which he speaks; they lack life and therefore cannot awaken to life either.

And this is the reason why the divine Word passes by the majority of people without finding an echo in them. They are not true proclaimers of the divine Word, they are not God's servants as they should be in order to be able to work successfully on earth. Their ministry is also connected with material interests, and if the human being is not extraordinarily lovingly active he will not be able to give information as it is necessary in order to attain realisation. However, he will always keep to the external forms as it was imparted to him humanly, and he will feel like a servant of God who is destined to preach the Gospel to his fellow human beings .....

The gift of preaching is a consequence of the most intimate union with God through loving activity and prayer ..... There are then no limits to the working of the Spirit in man, and now it is not man who speaks, but the voice of the divine Spirit which makes itself known through the mouth of man. "Do not worry about what you should say, for My Spirit will give it to you at the same hour. ...." And what now man speaks and thinks is the Gospel which he is to pass on, for it is God's Word, imparted to men by His Spirit. And anyone can carry out this teaching ministry if he has acquired the right to the working of the divine spirit through loving activity. But only these should teach ....

Worldly study will never replace the working of the spirit, and if the activity of love is not practised at the same time, the words offered to people will be and remain words of letters; they will not penetrate the heart and awaken life unless the listener is seized by profound love for God, enlightened by His spirit, so that the Word comes alive in him. The office of preacher is to be taken so infinitely important and yet will be equated with a worldly task even by those who are to exercise it. Like worldly offices, it will be forced into time and form, it will be exercised according to habit and no longer out of the deepest inner need .....

Man must be urged by his spirit to speak, and for this he needs neither a certain place nor a certain time, but only hungry people who want to refresh themselves at the source of divine wisdom, who desire the bread of heaven ..... To these the Gospel is to be preached, the divine doctrine of love, the fulfilment of which alone enables man to attain wisdom. The more intimate the preacher's connection with God is and the more willingly the listener accepts his Word, the clearer and more comprehensible this Word will reach the listener's ears, because he will then desire and hear it with his heart and not let it fade away in his ears.

The preacher should be God's instrument, i.e. he should surrender himself to God so that He can work through him without hindrance .... He should be the receptacle for the Spirit from God, which should pour out on people .... He should pass on this flow and show the way to those who do not establish the connection with God themselves .... He should, if he lives and works with God and for God himself, also lead his fellow human beings to Him and inform them of God's love, which is to be attained again through loving activity .... He should educate people to love, because without love no human being can become blessed ....



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