Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2384 26.6.1942

The Word of God spiritual good or dead word ....

Every mission from above is spiritual good as soon as the human being takes possession of it, i.e. receives it with heart and mind. But before that they are only words which are to gain life through the human being's will. If the human being only examines with his intellect then he will not want to accept everything and the knowledge of this will not bring him any spiritual advantage. But if the heart is active, i.e. if he is capable of love, then it is not the intellect but the spirit within him which tests and unhesitatingly accepts everything offered from above. And then the knowledge will progress the soul. For then the Word will come alive, it will stimulate activity, it will become permanent possession, it will be spiritual possessions which will last for all eternity.

The gifts God offers can never be worthless but only not be properly recognised in their value, and this is the case as long as the human heart is not receptive due to a lack of love activity. But it is nevertheless also imparted to people who still have little love, so that they intellectually accept the divine mission and thereby shall be stimulated into loving activity. Thus the will must first become active again to put the Word into action, then the human being appropriates the spiritual gift by also gaining an understanding for the meaning of what is offered to him. The gift of grace can therefore have the highest spiritual value and result in the highest spiritual successes, but it can also remain completely unrecognised as a dead word because the human being does not desire to live spiritually.

Nevertheless, it does not lose its value and can exert its effect on the human being at any time if he himself contributes to making use of this effect. What first appears incomprehensible and unbelievable to him can, through his will for loving activity, be affirmed by him both intellectually and with the heart and consequently be accepted as spiritual good at any time, because it can never lose its intrinsic value. For the transmissions from above come from the spiritual kingdom and will only be effective if they are conveyed to the spiritual spark in the human being and it is left to utilise them ...., i.e., to impart its knowledge to the human being's intellect so that it will absorb it and the human being will then live in accordance with this knowledge ....



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