Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2390 30.6.1942

Retribution - Atonement and Education ....
Consent to the bad deed is sin ....

A just retribution will usually already result in every injustice on earth, so that the human being will already learn to recognise injustice from it. For as soon as he himself has to suffer what he has inflicted on others, he becomes aware of his guilt and can himself appear despicable. And that is why this punishment is at the same time atonement and means of education and can bring double blessings. For according to divine justice every wrong must be atoned for, and it would therefore have to be atoned for in the beyond if it is not recognised and repented of on earth and has found God's forgiveness.

The struggle for supremacy, for power, honour and reputation makes humanity today resort to means which can never be approved of, and thus it heaps guilt upon guilt upon itself, which it now also has to atone for in a just manner in earthly life if unspeakable suffering is not to be endured as a consequence in the beyond. And this is likewise an occasion for the tribulation which now passes over the earth. Through every approval of a bad deed the human being makes himself complicit in it ..... Thus he does not yet recognise his wrongdoing and must therefore endure the same suffering so that he will thereby come to realisation. For it is not only the deed that is done that is sinful, but also the consent to it, because this betrays the human disposition, the impulse to act badly.

And therein is also to be found the explanation why so many people are affected by hardship and misery, although they are not the performers of despicable deeds ..... But as long as they do not see injustice in such, their attitude is not good, and consequently they must be educated and thus feel the consequences or effects of evil deeds in their own bodies. Here, the will is regarded as an accomplished deed and entails retribution, which at the same time is a means of education to make people aware of the evil of their actions and to change their thinking accordingly. For every evil deed always gives birth to new evil deeds, and these entail ever deeper suffering as a just punishment ....



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