Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2394 3.u.4.7.1942

Unwavering faith ....
Preparation for time to come ....

True faith does not ask for proof and yet remains unshakeable, for the voice of the heart tells it that it is not mistaken, and therefore no proof is needed. And such faith will not waver, no matter how much the adversary shakes it. .... The human being will neither doubt nor allow himself to be deprived of one iota of what faith teaches him. On the other hand, he will strengthen his fellow human beings in their still weak faith and stand up for what he has recognised as divine truth with full conviction.

And this is how faith shall be when all the forces of the underworld will unfold their activity and fight against faith. Then they shall find strong resistance in those believers who are faithful to the Lord. And they shall break through this resistance, i.e. the believers shall be victorious. The Lord points to that time with the words: "Whoever believes in Me will have eternal life ....". They will overcome death, they will be stronger than the opposing power, for they believe in the One Who gave them this promise, they believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of the world.

Consequently, He also stands by them in every earthly and spiritual adversity, for this is how He rewards the love and faith of His living creations who acknowledge Him as their Creator. He fills them with His love and His (grace) strength, and this is able to make the human being profoundly faithful, thus the human being comes to God's love through his profound faith and through this to strength and grace again. Therefore the blessing of a right faith should be preached to people, for they will need it in the time to come.

And blessed are those who will have the right faith, for they will not fear the world but be convinced of divine might and strength and love and therefore always know One Who will take care of them in every adversity and Who will stand by them in the battle which will erupt for the sake of faith ...., a battle of utmost importance which will be waged with all means and will demand countless spiritual as well as earthly sacrifices. And this battle of faith is prepared by God Himself .... He first strengthens the people who profess their love and loyalty to Him, He announces the time to them and informs them of the signs which precede the battle of faith ....

(4.7.1942) For it is His will that the believers prepare themselves for this time and ask for and struggle for strong faith .... Therefore He imparts strength to them through His Word. He brings Himself so close to them that they feel Him and their faith is strengthened as a result. And His spirit permeates them and gives them the realisation that everything happens for the sake of people and that whatever comes must also be endured because it is inevitable. The will to believe must be present, then the human being need not fear that he could ever lack strength if this strength of faith is required. For then God is with every individual who calls upon Him and brings him help in his adversity.

A convinced faith, however, is not fearful and despondent but courageous and strong .... the person certainly sends his thoughts to God asking and trusting, yet he does not doubt that he will receive help, for he knows that he is protected by Christ's promise: 'He who believes in Me will have eternal life ....'. But the believer does not value earthly life highly and only strives for eternal life. And he is certain of every earthly help from God, because he places his life and his fate in God's hands. A true faith is also able to give much strength to his fellow human beings, for it is a testimony that the human being overcomes everything more easily and therefore an incentive for those to emulate him. ....



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