Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2396 5.7.1942

Various results ....
Birth again of the Spirit ....
Called of God ....

The spirit that dispenses wisdom can only be of divine origin, and therefore this spirit can never err. Therefore, everything that has come into being through the working of the spirit is to be believed, even if it is difficult to accept. It only remains to examine whether what has come into being is the work of the spirit or a human product. And this is very easy to determine. First of all it has to be considered what purpose the human being is pursuing by informing his fellow human beings .... of it, whether earthly advantages are to be achieved or merely the will of the spirit drives him. It must be further examined whether the result touches on spiritual or earthly issues, the way it came into being must be taken into account and the attitude of the person whose spiritual activity is to be examined towards God .....

A work of purely intellectual content can never come into being without God's assistance, that is, without the working of His spirit. For the will to solve spiritual problems already results in the working of the spirit, and if this will is turned towards God the human being must inevitably think correctly, i.e. accept the thought material from the spiritual world which flows to him from the equally God-connected spiritual world. And thus only the question remains open why different results could be spread which were all presented as spiritual work. There is a difference whether a person is called to receive and spread divine spiritual gifts or whether he believes himself to be called to do so .... and whether he acquires an office before he has established the intimate connection with God, before he has been reborn in the spirit. The rebirth of the spirit must have preceded before the spirit can become effective in the human being.

But the rebirth of the spirit did not always precede it, and nevertheless spiritual questions were raised and answered with the help of the worldly intellect, and thus teachings arose which deviate from each other and which all claim to be recognised as truth. Thus spiritual problems were only solved intellectually, but truthfully they can only be solved by the spirit from God ..... However, the spirit of God can only be effective if the human being is reborn in the spirit, if he is in intimate, simple contact with God and longs for nothing else but to receive divine truth in the deepest awareness of his belonging to God and in the hot desire for the final union with Him.

The purest truth flows to him, and the results of such people must inevitably coincide. People cannot judge the degree of devotion to God, but God sees it, and He chooses those who shall serve Him because He recognises their will and their willingness to do so. There must be an intimate relationship between the human being and God, for this intimate relationship is the prerequisite for the effectiveness of the spirit in him and through him. But the intimate relationship can only seemingly be established before people, by those who believe themselves to be called and yet are not. For neither intellect nor rank, neither denominations nor offices are decisive for the working of the spirit, but only the nature of the heart, which, however, is not hidden from God.

Consequently, wisdom and truth cannot be sought and expected where human will has made a profession out of it, for the calling has to come from God alone, and the person will be called who makes himself worthy of His grace through loving activity, who loosens the fetters of the spirit through loving activity, thus opens his soul to the spiritual influx from outside. God chooses them as His co-workers by imparting the truth to them so that they can teach and pass it on again. And anyone who has been taught by God will have the same knowledge and will not deviate from it.

Yet these people will mostly be found outside of those who claim the right to teach .... . They will not belong to those who believe to have acquired knowledge through study; they will be found in the ranks of those who walk their earthly path unnoticed; they will have no offices or strive for such; they will not desire the world and its goods but through voluntary renunciation acquire the greatest grace .... to be allowed to receive the Word of God and to be taught by God Himself ....

Thus the rebirth of the spirit is indispensable beforehand, the human being must be in a state where he consciously seeks contact with God, where he wants to serve Him because he feels like His creature and desires union with Him in the realisation that this is (was?) his original state and his original destiny. This realisation makes the working of the spirit in him possible and also makes the human being receptive to the truth, for without realisation the truth would be incomprehensible to him and it would never be recognised as truth.

The truth can certainly be conveyed at school, thus passed on, but in order to grasp it the spirit of God must be able to work in the human being, which requires love activity first. However, people who feel called to teach are not always loving and capable of love, thus they are also incapable of teaching, for they can only pass on what they possess. However, they lack wisdom just as they lack love. And what they then distribute can never be addressed as divine truth, for God reserves this for Himself, offering it to those He chooses because they show themselves worthy of His grace ....



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