Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2397 6.7.1942

Mindfulness of an unbeliever and transformation ....

The thought activity of an unbelieving person produces completely different results than that of a believer. Most of the former's thinking only moves in the earthly sphere, for the more unbelieving the person is, the more he is connected to the world and its goods. Thoughts of something supernatural are so far away from him, and if they are brought to him he rejects them as fantasy; they are also unacceptable to him, for he regards the world as a matter of course which has no other connection with the individual creatures than that man should make use of all their comforts and derive the greatest possible enjoyment and advantage from them.

This attitude makes him completely incapable of thinking into spiritual areas, and such people can hardly be taught a different concept of life on earth. Their only goal and purpose remains increased physical well-being and unrestricted enjoyment of life. And yet, God does not leave these people without warnings by often weakening the body so that they recognise that a power they cannot fight is opposing them. .... Admittedly, they also try to explain this to themselves as natural, and then they have to receive stronger indications in the form of other suffering and misery which they are unable to banish through their own strength.

The individual person's fate in life cannot be arbitrarily shaped by him, earthly happiness cannot be forced, and the human being cannot decide about life and death either, and as soon as he is now seriously threatened he recognises his complete powerlessness. And now he plays with the thought of a higher power which wants to make itself known through this. And only then do his thoughts wander into the spiritual world, and that according to his attitude towards his fellow human beings.

A person who only has self-love will hardly come to realisation; but the person who does not completely shut himself off from his fellow human beings, who takes part and supports them, even if only to a small extent, will more easily come to realisation of the eternal divine, only it takes a longer time before a completely unbelieving person acquires a different view, and it is a blessing for such people if they are granted a long earthly life which can still bring about a change in their thinking.

For as the body's strength begins to diminish, the desire for the world and its goods is also on the wane, and then the beings of light seek to find entrance and have a mental effect, and the will to reject is no longer so strong. But then a complete change in his way of life is necessary if he still wants to make up for his spiritual shortcomings on earth and attain the necessary maturity of soul. God's help is available to him at all times, and the human being can do anything if only he wants to ....



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