Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2399 7.7.1942

"Fear not those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. kill ...."

Do not be afraid of those who want to kill the body but cannot kill the soul, for they cannot harm you spiritually but only afflict the body. But the body passes away, and if the soul belongs to God in it, it will awaken to eternal life after the death of the body, for only then will its actual life come. And if you consider this, you will also be the right fighters for God, you will confess His name before all the world and not fearfully and despondently speak the name of the Lord.

If you dedicate your soul to God, the world can calmly take your body away from you, it can threaten you with death and this will not affect you, since the death of the body will bring you closer to eternal bliss. But if you don't want to lose earthly life you must give up your soul and betray the Lord Jesus Christ. .... But earthly power cannot prolong your life by one day if God's will has decreed otherwise. For He is the Lord over life and death, He is the One to Whom everything must be subject in heaven and on earth, and if it pleases Him He will end life, but not that He will harm a hair of those who still need His will on earth.

Earthly power can do nothing if divine will does not allow it, but divine will can accomplish everything, and thus He can also protect people who surrender to Him. And this is your comfort and fills you with confidence that you are protected by the One Who needs you to work for Him, His will can prevent the earthly power from carrying out what it plans .... but the earthly power can never ever influence God's will, and consequently it is powerless if God opposes it with His power ..... Therefore do not be afraid but believe .... be fearless and determined when it comes to spreading the divine Word, for the Lord protects your body together with your soul until your mission is accomplished on earth ....



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