Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2405a 11.7.1942

Knowledge ....
Truth ....
Scholarly Knowledge ....

Knowledge is the knowledge of the connection between everything that has emerged from God, of the original state and destiny of all beings, of God's activity in the universe and of the activity of beings in the spiritual kingdom ..... As soon as knowledge corresponds to truth, the human being stands in the light, since this is the prerequisite for the human being to attain realisation. Only the knowledge of pure truth can result in a state of light, but all error is shadow and darkness. ....

God, as the eternal truth and eternal love, wants to lead the beingness which emerged from Him to the light and thus guide it into truth, which is synonymous with guiding all strength which once came forth from Him back to Himself, as the original strength, the origin of all being.... .... He wants this beingness to join Him again in order to thereby place it into an inconceivably blissful state. But the union can only take place when the being has become the same .... Truth and love .... because this constitutes the state of perfection and something imperfect cannot unite with God. Love and truth .... one without the other is unthinkable, just as God would be unthinkable without love or without truth.

If God wants to educate people on earth to love, He must also guide them into truth, He must make knowledge accessible to them and keep this knowledge free from all error ..... He must purge the untrue from the knowledge people have acquired, otherwise the human being's heart cannot be permeated by love either, because every error is an obstacle for the divine emanation of love which the human being's heart should receive in order to increase the divine spark of love.

The human being can always and constantly receive knowledge, for such can also be offered to him by human beings. But the eternal truth can only be conveyed to people by God in order to be passed on again from person to person. However, the origin can never be denied and the knowledge itself will speak for itself, for it is wisdom which otherwise eludes human knowledge and is perceived as truth by every human being who seeks to shape himself into love and desires the pure truth .....



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