Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2406 12.7.1942

God directs the life of every person ....

God's ways are inscrutable. He directs and guides every human being's steps through His counsel, always for the best of the human being, even if he does not recognise it; and even the smallest event has its purpose, for nothing is without purpose and meaning which affects the individual. And if you humans bear this in mind and have faith in divine guidance you will find it easier to endure your earthly life and also derive benefit from it. Everything is based on God's will, and the more devotedly you submit to it the more beneficial it will be for you. What is often incomprehensible to you humans can result in the greatest spiritual success, and therefore God often puts the human being into situations which shake his entire thinking and change it .... towards recognition.

The individual's path of life will always have his spiritual development as its goal, and if this goal is reached the soul will thank its Creator for all the pain and suffering it had to endure. And if the human being on earth is incapable of change, then the soul's detachment from the form must be a painful procession for it, so that it will still be purified through it. But a change of attitude can eliminate this process of detachment, God's will can prolong the human being's life if the prerequisites for it are given, if the soul decides to only live life for the sake of spiritual maturity. For spiritual development is the meaning and purpose of earthly life and every event is only a means to reach the goal.

As soon as the human being loosens his ties with the world of his own free will, he comes closer to the eternal Divine, and then his life is only an ascent upwards, and physical suffering contributes to this. The world with its attractions and temptations must be overcome, then earthly life can no longer harm the soul, and then it can also be preserved for further spiritual development. For God is exceedingly wise and exceedingly kind .... God allows what is good for the soul's salvation even if it seems incomprehensible to the human being, for He alone knows what the soul needs and what will bring it spiritual liberation ....



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