Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2407 13.7.1942

Sendlings of God ....
Powerful Fighters ....

Every sender of God, i.e. every human being who offers himself to work for Him and is now cared for by God with a task, must first make himself worthy of the influx of grace which this task requires through loving activity. Thus the will to serve God must also be put into action insofar as the human being himself lives his life in a way pleasing to God. Then he has to live in love, and thereby he draws closer to God, which he now tangibly feels as increased strength to work for Him.

In order to be able to fulfil his task of spreading the Word of God among people, he must stand up undaunted and courageously against his enemies. He must fearlessly represent the divine mission, i.e., he must not feel hindered by human regulations, but he must first fulfil God's demand as soon as these run counter to human regulations. The strength to do this then comes directly to him. For the battle of faith requires a counteraction, a commitment to the faith and standing firm against the demands of those who want to eliminate the faith from the world, which will never be possible without the power of God.

But those whom God calls His fighters will never lack strength. They will not fear the world and therefore fulfil the divine requirements ..... They will speak where necessary and try to explain their error to people, they will stand up for faith with conviction and also want to pass it on to their fellow human beings, because they constantly want to give, because they recognise the spiritual hardship of those who live without faith and want to bring them salvation. They do not fear worldly measures because they recognise another more powerful Lord above them, to Whom everything is subordinate .... because they strive to fulfil His mission and are therefore also certain of His protection, because they feel secure in His protection ....

They serve God and not the world, and thus God will also give them what they need and what the world cannot give them .... the power of the spirit .... He sends them His Word which outweighs all earthly treasures .... His Word, which is His direct emanation and therefore everlasting .... And from this Word the messenger of God can constantly draw strength, he will never need to despair if he accepts the strength from God directly, if the divine Word imparts it to him and shapes him into a powerful fighter for God. God needs such fighters so that He can speak to people through them .... He needs people through whom He Himself can work, who therefore only fear God and not people who are nevertheless powerless against God ....



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