Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2410 15.7.1942

Love for one's neighbour corresponds to the primordial state of beingness ....

People no longer practise active neighbourly love because everyone only strives for his own good, i.e. self-love is too strongly developed. This attitude of people is contrary to the original nature and original purpose, for the being emerged from love and its activity should be the working of love .... it emerged from God's all-encompassing love and should radiate love again ..... Human love, however, is small and narrowly limited, it only extends to its own body, thus it is not gratifying but only demanding .... It is not giving but always demanding, and it will never be equal to divine love.

Active neighbourly love corresponds more to the original state and the original determination of the being, and therefore only through it can the being free itself from self-love and come closer to the original state again. It is selfless and only wants to please, and consequently it must be of divine origin, thus it must flow from a heart which feels connected to God and can thereby receive God's emanation of love. Divine love constantly distributes, just as active neighbourly love is also a constant distribution of what the human being himself possesses or receives. I-love, on the other hand, does not give but claims everything for itself, it does not make happy and is in no way to be addressed divinely, but it still proves the affiliation to the one who rejects divine love and is addicted to unkindness.

God, in His greater than great love, created human beings in order to restore the beingness to its original state, in order to give it back what it had once forfeited, because His love constantly wants to give and the hapless state does not correspond to His feeling of love. But the being can only receive His emanation of love again and thus be in a happy state if it has shaped itself into love, if it distributes love in complete unselfishness.

Only then will its feelings, thoughts and actions correspond to its original state, which was a state of deepest and purest love and therefore the being was similar to God and could be close to Him. But this state should also make the being happy again, for it is the final goal of all beingness which emerged from God, and it can only be achieved if the human being practices love, if he unselfishly hands out to his fellow human being what he himself possesses and what appears desirable to him.

For giving love is divine, and thus it must also shape the giver into a divine being, it must stimulate the heart into ever more eager activity of love and increasingly reduce the distance from God. .... The loving human being must find unity with God through his activity of love and be seized by divine love which permeates him ever more until the being has completely become love, until it is again what it originally was .... spiritual being which emerged from divine love, which is in closest union with God, which can work and create like Him ....



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