Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2422 25.7.1942

Redemptive activity requires God-like will ....

Every spiritual activity requires a God-like will, i.e., as soon as a being, be it on earth or in the beyond, is spiritually active its will is turned towards God, thus it is no longer opposed to God but it submits to His will, whereas a being which does not yet submit to Him either has no urge for spiritual activity or lacks the strength to do so because it still stands apart from the One with Whom it should unite.

To stand in God-like will means to do what God wants, to work and create in full agreement with God ..... And this activity always aims at redeeming the still bound spiritual substance .... And this activity can be carried out on earth as well as in the beyond and will always be and remain the most important thing as long as the spiritual substance is not yet completely redeemed, thus in time and eternity this will be the activity of that which is in a free state, that it also helps the bound spiritual substance to become free.

To be spiritually active means to bring light to beings which still walk in darkness, it means to spread the truth so that they will now turn towards the light, so that they will become lovingly active. .... This is the greatest activity of love, to show the unredeemed spiritual beings the path to the light .... God's greater than great love knows no other goal than to guide the spiritual beings into freedom, and all beings who want to fulfil His will, who join Him, will likewise have no other goal and consequently no other will than to help the unredeemed spiritual beings.

On earth the human being testifies to his will for redeeming activity by lovingly passing on what he was offered and which helped him to achieve a certain spiritual freedom .... by thus helping to spread light and truth .... In the beyond the spiritual activity is likewise aimed at spreading the truth, except that this activity is mental instruction, thus it is to be understood as a purely spiritual activity. This transmission of thoughts must therefore correspond to God's will, because the being in the beyond cannot carry out anything other than God's will if it is united with God itself.

The beings in the beyond which are distant from God, i.e. which are still completely opposed to Him, certainly also influence people's thoughts but never in a spiritual way, instead they determine them to think earthly, i.e. materially, and never direct their thoughts towards God but away from Him ..... Hence this influencing of thoughts cannot be called a spiritual activity, even though wrong thinking also originates from beings which no longer belong to earth. Yet their will is not the same as God's will and their strength is only slight, so that they only have an influence on those people who likewise oppose God's will ....



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