Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2425 29.7.1942

Resistance to God delayed embodiment as a Man ....
Lovelessness ....
New Earth ....
Epochs of redemption ....

The state of the beingness in the form is agonising as long as it resists God. This is to be understood in such a way that no compulsion would oppress the beingness if it did not rebel against God, that therefore the beingness itself creates this agonising state but can also free itself from it at any time if it gives up its resistance against God. And thus it follows that the higher development of the beingness, thus the return to God, does not always take the same length of time but can take place quickly or slowly depending on the will of the beingness, which is an explanation for the ever new generations of people who nevertheless all live on earth for the purpose of their spiritual maturing and yet walk the earthly path at different times.

Creation has always and at all times been the cover of the spiritual, and always and at all times this spiritual was more or less opposed to God, and thus the spiritual, which was more turned towards God, covered its path of earthly life in a shorter time and was therefore also able to go through the last stage as a human being sooner. But this spiritual being did not always remain turned towards God in its embodiment as a human being but often developed backwards again, which is why there have always and at all times been people who lived their earthly life far away from God and also had to leave it as completely immature. But often a short time in the beyond was enough for these spirits to come to realisation and now strive towards the light with increased eagerness.

Whereas the spiritual essence, which was allowed to embody itself as a human being in later times, remained in resistance to God for a long time beforehand and was therefore only granted the grace of embodiment as a human being after a long time. And this beingness very often failed in its last test of earthly life, where it was now supposed to finally give up its resistance against God of its own free will. This is why unkindness is becoming more and more prevalent, but this does not rule out the fact that in these last generations people also turn to God with a special closeness, in whom the spiritual urges towards the final redemption.

But for the most part this spiritual will have a hard time insofar as it has to assert itself against the God-rejecting spiritual, which does everything in its power to prevent its course of development. Consequently, this spiritual being has to fight and cover a more difficult earthly path as a human being than the spiritual being was destined to do in earlier periods. But it is its will which determines the nature and duration of these struggles. The will has to become strong for the spiritual being to try to free itself from its bondage, it has to make up in earthly life, so to speak, for what it lacked of will in the previous stages .... As a human being it must strive towards God, Whom it had previously resisted, and it must carry out this struggle consciously, just as it once consciously opposed God.

Thus the embodiment as a human being will place greater demands on him the later it takes place, i.e., .... every period of development is determined in its duration .... it is limited, thus it will be ended by God's will when the determined time is over. And this period of time is such that even the God-rebellious can live through the earthly period as a human being, except that increased demands are placed on it if the spiritual substance still wants to mature in the last period, that is, if it wants to completely relinquish its opposition to God. But the spiritual substance which does not relinquish its resistance to God during this earthly period will remain in it for an infinitely long time and will need to stay in the solid form again, for it has not developed any further but rather undergone a process of regression which necessitates a renewed bond in the solid form ....



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