Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2432 2.8.1942

Divine grace ....
Love gift ....
Repentance and non-benefit ....

Nothing can replace divine grace .... How immeasurably rich the human being is to whom God grants His assistance, His grace, is only recognised at his death by the degree of maturity of his soul, which corresponds to this grant of grace or its use. The human being determines the measure of grace he receives on earth through his will, for God has unlimited grace at his disposal. But the extent to which he makes use of it is entirely left to his will ..... Consequently, he can raise his degree himself if he uses divine grace, i.e. he can constantly make use of God's help and thereby mature spiritually.

Without divine grace, however, he remains at the same stage of development and at the end of his life he experiences this as a state of poverty and immaturity of his soul. For without grace he is unable to do anything, everything he lacks comes to him through God's love, and this is grace ..... It is a gift which the human being does not have to claim but which God's love bestows upon him in order to help him, and wherever the human being needs any kind of help God's love is willing to grant it to him .... if the human being requests divine grace. But the latter is not heeded .... God gives out without limit and the human being can receive without limit, yet he rarely pays attention to the gift of grace, and therefore he remains weak and incapable for his spiritual higher development, when he could only ever draw from the divine source of grace ....

And it is an agonising state of remorse when he realises in the beyond what riches he has forfeited through his will, when he realises how little he has valued God's support and how little he has respected and desired His gift of love, divine grace. Yet grace can never be granted to him without his desire, and therefore the human being is responsible for his maturity of soul, which he can attain without effort if his will requests divine grace but which remains withheld from him if his will fails ..... He is responsible for the lack of spiritual wealth because he has forfeited it himself as long as divine grace was available to him, for there is nothing which could replace it for him, there is nothing which will earn him spiritual wealth if he does not make use of God's help, His grace. The human being is powerless on earth and unable to develop himself upwards ...., for God's assistance is irreplaceable ....



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